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Marketing Yourself Before and After the Health Crisis


Many realtors are likely viewing the Covid-19 virus as a hindrance to their business and career. It's a natural reaction. Normal as we know it has halted, and it's likely that even when we're back to business as usual, it won't really be business as usual.

During this challenging time, the general public probably won't hear from the vast majority of real estate agents in their area, but – on the other hand – this is a good time for those with a little drive and ingenuity to market themselves in a unique way, a way that will help potential clients remember your name when things return to the new normal.

Indeed, you can tastefully market your services and even continue to promote any listings you have while still showing your caring and

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Home Buying Out-of-State

Each year, millions of American households move. Some go to a new house around the corner, and some go to a neighboring town or city, others move to a state next door. Still, others take the big plunge and move far away from their current location.

According to statistics, almost 50% of out-of-state moves are done to take a higher-paying job or one that better suits the person’s needs and wants. Others move for retirement or to be near family, while some choose to move simply to reduce their cost of living.

In many cases, these about-to-be-transplanted individuals, couples, or families will be purchasing real estate in their new locale. Unfortunately, some of them will have little time to make a decision and to see the properties they wish to

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Tips on Selling Your Home this Summer

Spring is the best time of the year to sell a house. It’s been proven time and again that this lovely season of blooming flowers and mild weather is the ideal time to put your home on the market.

There are a number of reasons why spring is the perfect time to sell a home, not the least of which is that it allows families who are buying a new home time to get settled and adjusted before their children start school in the fall.

In addition, the buyer who makes a decision about a home purchase in spring can do so without the distractions of summer, which include vacations as well as kids who are home from school and need undivided attention. In other words, the less-busy days of spring can be the ideal time to take your time to look carefully at

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Showing Homes Post Pandemic

We all know the pandemic really isn’t over yet. Scientists and medical professionals tell us it could come back in surges or simply stick around for a while.

But as much of the country tries to return to some semblance of normal, agents are starting to think about the best way to show their new or existing listings, paying close consideration to keep all parties safe and healthy.

Whether you’re working with the potential buyers for your listing or whether they are someone else’s clients, you should have some guidelines in place that can be shared with them before, during, and after the showings. These will need to be okayed by and shared with your sellers, too, as well as all agents that wish to show the house.

Before in-person showings

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    Home Office Space after the Pandemic

    Before the coronavirus hit the United States, about 5 percent of the workforce worked from home each day on a permanent basis. Some 46 percent noted that they worked from home part of the time but had to be physically in their office for meetings and other obligations at least for a portion of the week.

    Now that Covid-19 has changed the way Americans work, more than half of the country reports that they are working from home, notes a study by The Brookings Institute.

    Furthermore, more and more companies are discovering that it really is okay if their employees work from the comfort of their own abode. Most aren’t goofing off, as some higher-ups suspected they would, and – in general – things are happening as they should.

    Experts predict that

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    Here's Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

    It seems that everything is about DIY these days. Fix your own car. Remodel your own kitchen. Organize your own vacation.

    You get the picture.

    But how about buying or selling a home? Myriad television shows will tell you that it’s okay to do it on your own. So will a plethora of websites that are devoted to helping FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) negotiate the process and that strive to encourage buyers to believe they’ll get a better deal if they skip over the “hiring an agent” part of the process.

    Indeed, it sounds tempting when they describe it. Sellers can avoid commission, and buyers will likely have a better chance at negotiating without the middle man…or woman. Right?

    Maybe not.

    And then there are those mobile apps that can lead you to

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    Housing Market Post Pandemic

    If you’re a realtor – whether you’ve been one for decades or are just getting your career started – you’re no doubt viewing the reopening of the country and the restart of business with some excitement and a good deal of trepidation. More than ever, more people are out of work, more than half the country is working from home, and the stock market has seen its worst days in recent history. That all combines to mean lots of worry for real estate brokers and agents.

    Though it may soon change, right now, agents in most states can’t show houses. The sales offices for new construction are closed. And with the risk of contracting Covid-19, there won’t be any on-site appraisals happening or inspections completed. Everything is pretty much at a standstill.

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    You and Your Home Inspection

    Buying a home is a scary proposition. Indeed, it is! Unless you’re buying a brand new home or having it built to your specifications, you’re never sure what you’re getting and – of course – what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. There are plenty of problems that aren’t necessarily visible to the eye, so you either take a leap of faith and hope for the best, or you schedule a home inspection.

    If you’re working with a realtor, perhaps you’ve already discussed the pros (and maybe the cons) of purchasing a home inspection. Generally, realtors agree that in many cases, such inspections are a wise idea and, in some cases, an absolute must.

    Below we’ve provided our readers with some important facts about the process to help you decide what’s best

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    Selling Your Home Same Time as Neighbor

    You’ve done your research. You found a realtor you love. It seems like the right time for you and your family to make a move. So, you’ve signed that listing contract, and the sign has gone up in the front yard. It’s time to sell! 

    But wait! What’s that in your next-door neighbor’s yard this morning? Is that a For Sale sign? Can’t be! How dare they! They can’t sell their house at the same time you’re selling yours. It’s just not fair! Can they do that?

    Of course, they can! There are certainly no hard and steadfast rules about two homes beside or near each other going up for sale at the same time. As a matter of fact, it may be all your fault! Perhaps your sale sign prompted your neighbor to take the action they’ve been contemplating, and so they

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    Thinking about a career in real estate

    Did you know there are more than 2 million active real estate agents in the United States? It sounds like a large number, right? But statistics show that nearly 65 percent of Americans own their home and might be selling it at any time in the near future and/or buying a new one, so that means there’s plenty of business to go around!

    So, if you’re thinking of becoming a real estate agent, there’s room for you in the market. However, it’s important to recognize that becoming an agent isn’t like taking on a regular 9-5 job. It’s basically an opportunity to own your own business, which means that you’ll likely be working way past 5 pm, and probably on weekends, too!

    A career in real estate is for those who are ambitious, eager to learn, and intent

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