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Home Staging on the Cheap

If you’re a devotee of television real estate shows, you’ve no doubt heard the word “staging” tossed around here and there. Many popular home selling shows talk about staging a home before buyers come through, and – often – the staging involves rearranging the entire house and replacing the owner’s belongings with others that make the house look more attractive to potential buyers.

But not everyone has an unlimited budget for staging or can afford to hire a “stager”, nor is it practical to do this if you have an active family that needs to “live” in the house while it’s being sold.

In actuality, you can stage your home without spending a fortune. Even professional stagers admit that there are a number of small, inexpensive items you can buy that

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Buying New Construction

In many areas of the country, work on new construction continues or has restarted, and many buyers are considering the purchase of a brand new home. And why not? Suppose new construction fits your needs and your budget. In that case, it's terrific to have a home where you can enjoy the opportunity to take a blank slate and make it your own, choosing options such as wall colors, carpets, cabinets, and – in some cases – overall design.

Buying a brand new home is exciting, but it's important to remember that the agent you encounter at a new development sales site works for the SELLER, not the buyer. That agent will have the seller's best interest in mind and will do his/her best to get the seller's highest price.

So what does that mean for the

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