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February 2020

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Home Improvement Projects

As we’re just about 60 days into the new year, many of us have already begun plugging away at those New Year’s Resolutions. Some of those plans were personal, but, often, others tend to be related to our homes.

How many of you have said, “This year, I’m going to renovate the powder room” or “In the spring, I’ll think about getting new carpets”?

Indeed, we all want to live in the nicest environment possible. But if you’re thinking about selling your home in the not-too-distant future – maybe 2 to 5 years – you should know that there are some improvements you can make that will help you earn extra cash and others that likely won’t add anything to your sale price.

So, if selling soon is a consideration for you, you’ll want to spend your money on

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Young Agents and Real Estate

While in many markets, young real estate agents seem to be the exception rather than the norm, there are still many young folks – straight out of college or high school – that are determined to make their mark in the business. Some of these individuals grew up with parents that are/were agents, while others simply have a love for houses and the real estate business in general.  

The young agent certainly faces a lot of challenges. The first, of course, is simply their age. Do clients take a 22-year-old seriously? Will they doubt the young person’s ability to lead them in the right direction, or will they simply pass them by in favor of a more seasoned agent? 

It’s a tough world for a young agent, but age does not need to be a stumbling block…as

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Choosing the Right Moving Company

A startling number of consumers have had bad experiences with moving companies. We’re not talking merely inconsiderate or clumsy movers who break an item or two but, instead, those companies that scam trusting clients out of extra money, holding your treasured household goods hostage until you pay them what they want, which is often hundreds of dollars more than what was quoted. 

It sounds scary. But, sadly, it happens all the time, and most people pay the money just to get their stuff back. Even if it’s reported later, there’s no guarantee the funds will be returned.

So, to avoid such scenarios, it’s necessary to follow a series of steps when choosing your mover. If you do these things, chances are moving day will go off without a hitch, and

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Understanding Home Appraisals

So, you’ve bought a house. It’s your dream home…at least, for now, it’s the perfect home for you and/or your family. The seller loved your offer, and you were pre-approved for the mortgage, so the deal’s in the bag, right?

Not so fast!

Even if you’ve gotten over the hurdles of financing and perhaps even the home inspection, a tricky little thing known as the home appraisal still potentially stands in the way of your happiness.

What is a home appraisal?

Simply put, an appraisal is an estimate of the value of your home, including all the fixtures on it and all the property on which it sits.

You cannot get financing – a mortgage – on your home until a licensed appraiser has seen the property and determines its value. Why? Because, like any

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