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August 2016

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Is Buying a Fixer Upper Right for You
Some people want nothing to do with homes that aren’t move-in ready. Then there’s the group of folks that live to fix things. In many cases, these people look at run-down or dated houses and immediately get ideas in their heads about how they can make them better. For some, the worse the house, the more attractive it is to them. They’re ready to go to work!

If you’re one of those people, perhaps you’ve thought about buying a fixer-upper but just aren’t sure if you have the funds – and the energy – to tackle the project in a way that would be pleasing to you in the end. That’s worrisome, for sure. There’s nothing scarier than completing your project halfway and then running out of money, stamina, or both.

But those home renovation shows on DIY

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Buying a home out of state
Just like thousands of others each year, you’re contemplating a move to Florida. Perhaps you’re just looking for a change of pace or climate, or your current job has offered to transfer you, or your new career is taking you to the Sunshine State.

If you currently own a home in another state and want to buy one in Florida, or if you were a renter but want to jump right in and purchase a home in your new destination, you’ve got lots of work to do before you move. Buying a home in your new place of residence can be quite exciting, of course, but it can be very challenging as well, so below we’ve offered some guidelines to make the transition a little smoother.

Number 1Locate a reputable real estate agent – When you’re looking for a Realtor out-of-town, you’re

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