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January 2020

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Ways to pay your mortgage off sooner

When you purchased your home, you had to choose how you were going to pay for it. In some cases, if you’ve been in the market for a while or are perhaps scaling down to a less expensive house, you may have paid cash for your new home.

However, in the year 2017 – according to the National Association of Realtors – 88 percent of all home buyers took out a mortgage of some sort when they made a home purchase. It may have been a “conventional” mortgage, or it may have been an FHA or VA loan. Regardless of the type, however, money for a home purchase was borrowed by nearly 90 percent of all those who made a home purchase that year. That’s a lot of loans!

Mortgages are certainly a convenience…but they’re also expensive, and it usually takes decades to

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Real Estate and the Difficult Client

Yup, we all get them. The difficult client. Why, we wonder, did they wind up with me? Why wasn’t someone else on the up desk when they called? Why did I prospect them at that party? How am I ever going to get through this process with them? 

Whether they’re buyers or sellers, demanding clients can make our lives…well…difficult! However, it’s essential to know that you can conquer the tough client if you can recognize what it is that motivates them and, then, decide how to handle them.  

Difficult buyers and sellers come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are most often identified by the following traits: 

  • The one who knows everything – This client knows EVERYTHING there is to know about real estate sales and purchases. As a matter of
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Steps to Home-Buying Happiness

You're ready to take the plunge. You're excited but feeling a little overwhelmed about your decision to purchase your first home. After all, it's likely going to be the largest purchase you've ever made, and you're still a little uncertain about making such a commitment. Plus, it's a long and challenging process, right?

Not necessarily. Of course, there will be plenty of stressors associated with home buying, but if you do it right and understand what lies in front of you, there's no reason for this to be anything other than a pleasant transaction!

Very simply put, there are 8 steps you need to progress through before you have the keys to your new home in your hand.

Choose a Realtor 

Start by interviewing several realtors in your area to

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