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April 2020

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Thinking about a career in real estate

Did you know there are more than 2 million active real estate agents in the United States? It sounds like a large number, right? But statistics show that nearly 65 percent of Americans own their home and might be selling it at any time in the near future and/or buying a new one, so that means there’s plenty of business to go around!

So, if you’re thinking of becoming a real estate agent, there’s room for you in the market. However, it’s important to recognize that becoming an agent isn’t like taking on a regular 9-5 job. It’s basically an opportunity to own your own business, which means that you’ll likely be working way past 5 pm, and probably on weekends, too!

A career in real estate is for those who are ambitious, eager to learn, and intent

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Thoughts on buying a house during the Coronavirus

If you’ve been looking forward to spring house-hunting season all year, you’re probably gravely disappointed right now, especially if you’ve got all your proverbial ducks in a row, like a pre-approved mortgage and a substantial downpayment that you’ve been saving for years.

So here you sit. Quarantined by the coronavirus outbreak and uncertain how the rest of this year is going to play out, you figure that your big home buy of 2020 is not going to happen. It’s sad, but that’s the reality of things these days, right? 

 Well, not necessarily! Real estate experts say that now could potentially be the time to buy if you’re careful and have a confident agent guiding you along the way.

Taking video or virtual home tours

The chances are that

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Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our world has changed a lot during these last several weeks. Our freedom is severely restricted. Our schools and stores are closed. And, in many places, we’re told not to venture outside after a certain time of day.

So, if you’re one of the thousands of people who placed their house on the market before the surge of the coronavirus began, chances are your first thought is to cancel your listing and proceed with life in your current home. If you have the opportunity to do that, go ahead.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone can put the brakes on their home sale. There are homeowners out there who must sell now or within the next few weeks or months – for some reason or another – and those individuals must continue to try to sell their property.

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Being a Real Estate Agent during a Pandemic

Real estate agents throughout the world are no doubt in panic mode. After all, how do you sell homes when everyone is stuck inside? And if you can’t work with buyers and sellers, how are you going to produce a paycheck? Will you be able to pay your mortgage? Buy groceries? Send your kids to college?

You’ve probably been thinking all those things and worse. It’s natural, of course, to have thoughts like this at this scary time. No one knows how the coronavirus pandemic will play out, and when things will be back to normal. And the chances are that just about everyone else in a commission-based business or who’s been furloughed or laid-off is going through the same vicious cycle of horrible thoughts.

So, what can you do to ease your worry and try

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