The Jupiter Florida Lighthouse: The History & the Mystery

Jupiter, Florida is a beautiful destination that has long been a favorite residential destination for the rich and famous. Featuring a unique selection of attractions, activities and landmarks, Jupiter is definitely a picturesque destination with plenty of history to boast about. One of the most celebrated landmarks and historical attractions in the town is the Jupiter Lighthouse.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse was once a beautiful fire-engine red and an iconic landmark in Jupiter. As of today, after a large scale restoration in 1999 – 2000, the lighthouse emerged a more subdued brick-red color to continue its role as an integral part of Jupiter’s history. The beginnings of the beautiful lighthouse go back to 1853 when the Congress allocated $35,000 to build it near the Jupiter Inlet to provide guidance for vessels to safely navigate along the dangerous coastal area. The design was created by the Lieutenant George Meade of the Bureau of Topographical Engineers.

The structure was proposed to be built on top of a hill at an elevation of 46 feet. The surrounding flat terrain was flat for miles with the hill being a bit of an odd protrusion. The lighthouse underwent some considerable renovations from 1999 to 2000. During this time, several archaeologists made interesting discoveries at the site which was located in the Fort Jupiter Reservation. The most prominent discoveries were made near the base of the lighthouse tower. The findings include fragments of ancient pottery and shells that were believed to have been the remains of a Native American colony that dated all the way back to 700 AD.

The construction of the lighthouse was a process laced with many difficulties. For starters, about 500 tons of material to be shipped to the Inlet and then transported across the narrow, crooked and shallow channel to reach the site of the lighthouse. Each scow was only able to carry a maximum load of 10 tons and therefore, 50 trips had to be made to transport all the materials needed. This was one of the most complex unforeseen problems that the engineers faced during construction. Things didn’t go smoothly after, as they did in 1855, and the construction of the lighthouse had to be suspended due to Native Indian hostility situations. These issues were resolved by 1858 and construction was back on track. The construction required the Inlet to be stilted close and this resulted in an increased population of mosquitoes and the workers managed to catch various diseases, including the famous ‘Jupiter Fever’, a combination of yellow fever and malaria.

The beautiful tower is 108 feet high and contains a spiral staircase with 105 treads. The staircase connects the base of the tower with the lantern room which houses an installation of a Fresnel Lens from Paris. The lens has 4 bull’s eyes which are responsible for creating a cycle of two flashes and darkness that repeats. At the end of the construction, the lighthouse cost about twice the originally allocated sum and was ready for operation on the 10th of July, 1850.


Top 5 Parks in Palm Beach County

Top 5 Parks in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is famous for sunny weather and abundant natural beauty. Visitors and residents are blessed with a wide selection of parks and nature preserves to enjoy beautiful views, great atmosphere and fun filled activities for the whole family. Here are our top 5 picks.

Grassy Waters Preserve

Located in West Palm Beach, the Grassy Waters Preserve is a wetlands ecosystem that spans over 23 square miles. The preserve acts as the supply of freshwater for Palm Beach Island, South Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. Grassy Waters features lush tree islands, green hammocks and a natural ecosystem that supports a range of wildlife species. This is a fantastic spot for wildlife enthusiasts as sightings of white ibis, otters, alligators, wood stork, everglade snail kite and bobcats among various other species. Grassy Waters is a great place to learn about the environment and features guided tour programs hosted by professional naturalists, free of charge.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

Established in 1989, the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is the only one of its kind in Palm Beach County. Located in North Palm Beach, the park features beautiful natural environments spanning across 438 acres. The park is famous for containing seven species of plants and 22 animal species declared endangered. Today, the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is one of the most popular destinations for travellers and residents to Palm Beach County. Featuring nature trails, picnic spaces, a Natural Science Education Center and watersports, there is plenty to do at the park.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Named after a Quaker merchant with the same name, Jonathan Dickinson State Park spreads across 11,500 acres. The park features a selection of 13 ecologies including red mangroves, pine Flatwoods and sand scrub which is particularly rare. The beautiful state park features fully facilitated spacious areas for picnics on the Loxahatchee River banks and is a perfect destination for family getaways. With regular deer sightings and two nature trails, the park is a great place to enjoy some one-on-one time with nature. Visitors are also offered a chance to rend canoes, paddleboats, motor boats, kayaks and bicycles to indulge in a bit of adventure.

Riverbend Park

A visit to Riverbend Park is sure to feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time. The historic park features a chance for visitors to enjoy riding, cycling and canoeing through scenic surroundings perfect for sightseeing and nature photography. This is an unmatched opportunity to see old Florida just like the first settlers.

Sugar Sand Park – Boca Raton

Sugar Sand Park is a popular attraction in Boca Raton and is perfect for family outings. Operated by the City of Boca Raton, the park spreads across 132 acres and features the famous Children’s Science

Explorium, the Field House with its indoor gymnasium, the Willow Theatre and a beautiful carousel. For nature lovers, Sugar Sand Park features two nature trails that showcase some of Florida’s indigenous wildlife and unique ecosystems.

Watch a Show At a Theater in Palm Beach County

Sunshine and endless beaches are not the only pastimes that Palm Beach County has to offer. Aside from a lively nightlife and thousands of options to dine out, Palm Beach also presents residents with a world-class theater experience. If you are in the mood for a concert or performance under the beautiful clear blue skies, then Palm Beach is definitely the right place to be.

The Crest Theater

The majestic Crest Theater was declared as the performing arts center of Old School Square in 1993. The building was originally constructed to be the school’s auditorium, but was then redesigned to create a top of the range facility that seats over 300 people. For 2014, The Crest Theater offers Girls Night, The Musical, an adaptation of The Christmas Carol and A Chorus Line.

The Kravis Center

The Kravis Center has gained popularity as one of the top performing arts centers in the region. The Kravis Center has three high capacity venues: the Dreyfoos hall that sets 2193, the Rinker Playhouse that seats 300 and the Gosman Amphitheatre that seats 1400. The performances include opera, Broadway, jazz, pop, ballet and more. This year, The Kravis Center presents Diavolo – Architecture in Motion, The Russian State Symphony Orchestra and Romeo and Juliet by the Miami City Ballet.

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center

The Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center is another theater that provides a complete arts experience. This particular performing arts center is a part of the Palm Beach State College and presents a range of top-quality facilities for professional productions from November to May. The performances include family-friendly show, music, dance, theater and drama. Aside from enjoying the theatrics, the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center also allows youngsters to take part in their annual productions. Upcoming performances include Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, How to Succeed on Broadway, Stormy Weather: The Music of Lena Horne and a few free outdoor concerts.

The Maltz Jupiter Theater

The Maltz Jupiter Theater is a community based non-profit regional theater that seats up to 550. This beautiful theater is a member of the League of Resident Theaters and presents the residents of Palm Beach with a wide selection of theatrical productions, special events and various concerts. Upcoming performances include The Foreigner, CHITA – A Legendary Celebration and White Acres Unplugged in The Green Room.

The Duncan Theater

The Duncan Theater is located in Lake Worth and is a part of the Palm Beach State College. The theater presents a comprehensive selection of modern dance, popular music concerts, family entertainment and a bit of occasional jazz.

Relocating to Luxurious South Florida

South Florida is considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in the US. The fantastic weather, the beaches and the laid-back summer-vacation atmosphere can make anyone want the South Florida lifestyle. Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and Jupiter are among the most sought after residential areas in South Florida and there are a few important facts to consider before relocating.

Weather factors

For starters, many hopeful residents are tempted by Florida’s beautiful weather. Something most of them don’t prepare for is the high heat and humidity. While the seasonal changes are not apparent since autumn and winter are very mild in comparison to the northern states, the levels of humidity will remain high all through the year to make even the small changes rather apparent. Although the state is referred to as the ‘Sunshine State’, Florida experiences frequent thunderstorms during the summer and is also prone to hurricanes. The heat can get quite intense in July and August and may not be comfortable for those who are accustomed to colder climates. It is advised that you spend some time in Florida during the hot summer to help make a decision.

A home for any budget

The cost of living in South Florida is comparatively reasonable. There are plenty of prices to suit various price ranges and unless you are going for a luxurious property, rent is also quite reasonable. Of course, many properties come with great views and access to beaches and various waterfront activities. Florida is famed for tax benefits as the state does not impose an income tax. Your social security income and most pensions are exempt from taxes.

The South Florida lifestyle

If you are seeking a relaxed lifestyle, South Florida is the perfect choice. The beautiful surroundings and fun activities will make residents feel as though they are on a permanent vacation. The state boasts vivid wild life and an extra hour of daily sunshine. In fact, catching a sunset will be a regular possibility while also providing you a chance to enjoy picture perfect weekends. Whether you are a couple, retired or a family with children, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy. From exclusive golf courses, lovely restaurants, cruise ports all the way to biking trails and fun sporting events, there is a lot to enjoy in South Florida. The state is also home to Sea World, MGM Studios and Walt Disney World. The only drawback of having such a wide selection of attractions and great activities is the crowd. You will have to be prepared for standing in long lines and heavy traffic.

Things To Do With a Boat

Florida and boats are a perfect match between outdoor activity and beautiful scenery. For those of you with a love for the water and the many fantastic activities associated with it, there is nothing better than the Florida boating lifestyle for you to enjoy every day of your life. While fishing and taking languid boat rides are the most obvious options, there are plenty of other great things that you can do in Florida with a boat.

Enjoy Nature

Florida is abundant with natural beauty and beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of nature parks and excellent opportunities to catch a glimpse of the local flora and fauna. For instance, you can explore the Florida Bay and Cape Sable by boat. Cape Sable is an isolated beachscape where you can catch a glimpse of gulls, terns, pelicans and other shorebirds during low tide. Another great option for exploring Florida’s natural beauty is to take a tour through the Wilderness Waterway, a 100 mile boat trail lined with mangroves and open bays. A boat or kayak ride through the Wilderness Waterway will allow you to enjoy the sight of manatees, sea turtles and alligators along with various native and visiting birds. Accessible exclusive by seaplane or boat is the remote Dry Tortugas National Park. Located in the farthest extent of the Florida Keys, the National Park offers a chance to witness sea turtle nesting and various seabirds. A trip to the Tortugas would make a fantastic camping trip as the park offers 10 camping sites.


For boat owners, Florida offers a chance to access restaurants and other establishments through the water for a truly unique experience. For instance, the Jupiter Sandbar is one of the most popular dining options among those who enjoy the boating lifestyle, al fresco dining and to enjoy the beach to the fullest. You can also access a selection of other beachside bars where you can enjoy a quiet drink or fantastic seafood restaurants to enjoy delicious food made with the freshest ingredients while enjoying live music. Aside from dining options, private yacht clubs such as the Hamilton Harbor are also a favorite destination for boating enthusiasts in the Florida region to get together.

Other Water Activities

Beyond boating, Florida offers a range of other fantastic waterfront activities for just about anyone. For instance, the majestic waves are a favorite opportunity to enthusiastic surfers and fans of wakeboarding to refine their sport or for newbies to learn a few tricks. If you are in the mood for some speed and adventure, wave-runners are readily available in many beaches. Waterskiing is also a favorite water activity for many water-loving residents and visitors with a taste for adventure.

Florida is fantastic for those who wish to enjoy the boating lifestyle and beach culture to the fullest. With an amazing selection of waterfront properties and activities to keep you occupied, it’s high time that you give Frankel Realty a call to help you choose a property that works perfectly for a boating enthusiast.

What Is it Really like To Own A Yacht In Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County, with its sparkling sea views, cool sea breezes and bright sunny days, is the perfect location to enjoy the boating lifestyle. With beautiful waterfront residencies, world class yachting communities and the perfect weather all through the year, Palm Beach County is the boating enthusiast’s heaven.
A World of Activities

For starters, there is a wide range of boating activities that you can enjoy in Palm Beach County. One of the most popular activities for boating enthusiasts is to simply take their boat on a cruise through the Intracoastal Waterways. Fishing is a favorite way for the boating enthusiast to spend a day with friends or when a bit of solitude is needed. For those with a love of water sports, sightseeing or even photography, Palm Beach County offers easy access to the beautiful Florida Keys where fishing, wildlife watching and relaxing opportunities are abundant. But that’s not all, if you wish to enjoy a delicious meal, you can always take your boat to one of the many restaurants and bars with boat access within the Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.

Storage & Upkeep

Even in the year-round sunny climate in Palm Beach County, proper yacht storage will ensure a longer lifetime for your vessel. Proper storage is especially important in the hurricane season. You can opt for indoor or outdoor storage based on your requirements and the time of year. However, the costs, the levels of safety and the distance may vary with each option. Of course, DIY storage is definitely an option for waterfront property residents but for others, Palm Beach County offers a range of storage options as well as a massive range of boat maintenance services to suit your requirements thanks to its highly developed boating culture.

Benefits of Yacht & Boating Clubs

Needless to say, the boating life of Palm Beach County is not something that only the experts and yacht owners can enjoy. There are plenty of opportunities for the novice boat owner or even for those without their own boat to enjoy the beautiful waters. In addition, Palm Beach County is also home to quite a few world class yacht and boating clubs for boat owners to enjoy the lifestyle with none of the complications that come with it. For instance, joining a boat club will allow members to obtain a club-owned boat and to enjoy fishing and cruising without having to deal with cleaning, maintenance, insurance and taxes. Boat clubs are highly recommended for those who are starting out with the lifestyle as they offer everything that a boat enthusiast would need along with training and professional guidance.

What many yacht owners and boating enthusiasts say about their lifestyle is that it is quite liberating and relaxing. Sailing out into the sea is a great way to enjoy some family time or to revel in the beauty of nature. Needless to say, a waterfront property ties up perfectly with the boating lifestyle and if you are on the lookout for the perfect pick for you, be sure to give Frankel Realty a call on (561) 427-2154.

Best Places to Eat In Jupiter

Jupiter, one of the most highly sought after areas in South Florida, is home to a range of entertainment options to thrill residents and visitors. From the lovely beaches and activities, to fantastic shopping opportunities, Jupiter offers plenty of things to do. Today, our focus is on the best places to eat in Jupiter. Frankel Realty has put together a list of amazing restaurants you should try.

Koon Manee – Thai and Sushi

17370 A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477 / (561) 747 2836
For those of you with a love for Thai and Japanese fare, Koon Manee is the perfect option. The restaurant has a relaxing ambience and offers coveted seating at the stylish sushi bar. Whether you wish to eat as a couple, with a group of friends or your family, Koon Manee is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal with five-star service. In addition to their exotic menu, the restaurant also offers a fantastic selection of sake. Pair with the Panang Curry or the Volcano Chicken for unique taste experience.

Guanabanas – Waterfront restaurant & bar

960 N Hwy A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477 / (561) 747 8878
Guanabanas, located on the Intracoastal Waterway, is a beautifully designed restaurant with a unique island theme complete with fans and misters. This is a great bar and restaurant for casual dining as well as after-work drinks. The restaurant’s relaxed, island atmosphere is ideal to take the stress away after a long hard day. Many patrons favor the spot as a great destination to enjoy good music and a laid back atmosphere. The menu offers a great selection of beer, cocktails and wine. The Blackened Florida Atlantic Shrimp Quesadilla and Crab Cakes are choices favored by frequent patrons.

Coolinary Café – American

4650 Donald Ross Rd #100, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 / (561) 249 6760
The Coolinary Café, awarded with the TripAdvisor award for excellence in 2014, offers a chance to enjoy a delicious meal in a trendy atmosphere. Decorated with clean lines, bright colored walls and simple artwork, the café is stylish and offers comfort food with an original twist. The restaurant offers beer and wine and the perfect environment for pleasant conversation with friends. If you choose to sit at the bar, you will have a sneak peak of kitchen staff preparing your meal,and you can even chat with the chef. The Palmetto Creek Farms Pork Shoulder and the Carrot Cake Waffles are among the most popular dishes at Coolinary Café.

Food Shack – Seafood

103 U.S. 1 D3, Jupiter, FL 33477 / (561) 741 3626
Located in a strip mall, Food Shack is a pleasant surprise. Once you enter the restaurant, you will find yourself in a tiki bar environment complete with surfing pictures and figurines of fish on the walls. This is definitely one of those places that should not be judged by the exterior. The food is made from the freshest ingredients, prepared by highly capable and friendly staff. The Food Shack offers a great selection of local beers, imported beer, as well as ciders. If you decide to visit this must-see restaurant, be sure to choose a Daily Special and the White Chocolate & Coconut Crème Brulee Cheesecake.

Lazy Loggerhead Café – Local cuisine and breakfast

401 Florida A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477 / (561) 747 1134
Another winner of the TripAdvisor certificate for excellence in 2014, the Lazy Loggerhead Café is a fantastic breakfast and lunch spot right on the beautiful beach. Designed to create a quaint and casual atmosphere with wood paneled walls adorned with colorful pictures, this is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal by the sea. The café is famed for its generous portion sizes and excellent value for the price. Try the Almond Crusted French Toast and the Mahi Rueben if you haven’t already.

5 Tips for Finding your Dream Home

Finding the perfect home is a dream for most of us. Unless you are determined to build a house, it won’t be easy to find precisely what you want. There are many important factors to take into consideration when it comes to finding the house that suits your needs best and the assistance of a quality real estate agent will be extremely helpful. As seasoned realtors, Frankel Realty knows the right path towards finding your perfect dream home. Here are the top 5 tips:

1. Establish your requirements

This is the first step of starting your hunt for the perfect home. Unless you know what your requirements are, even the most qualified real estate agent won’t be able to help you. Make a list of the best location, the right type of house and the facilities along with space requirements to pass on to your realtor. If you have a specific type of architecture in mind, be sure to add that to the list. It also helps to make up your mind about the type of lifestyle and infrastructural requirements to narrow down on the ideal location.

2. Decide on a price range

We all have different financial capabilities. It is important to take the time and effort to figure out just how much you can afford to spend. Analyze your income and make sure that you communicate your price range to your real estate professional.

3. Mortgage pre-approval

This step is necessary to make sure that you are able to obtain a loan from lenders. You will need to contact a mortgage company to determine the maximum loan amount that you are eligible to apply for. You will need the pre-approval letter in order to make offers on homes that you find suitable for your needs. This document will let your potential sellers know whether you are actually capable of affording their property.

House Hunting

4. Do some research

Doing a bit of research and learning about the real estate market in your chosen areas will never go to waste. It is beneficial to be aware of the pricing patterns, the buying and selling habits and the current market condition of your preferred neighborhood. In addition, it’s important to do a little digging to find out as much as you can about the properties you’re interested in. For instance, information such as the motive behind the sale can help you negotiate a better deal.

5. Find a good realtor

In every step of the way of the house hunting process, the assistance of a fully qualified real estate agent is essential for a successful outcome. Someone with plenty of knowledge and experience on the neighborhood that you are interested in would always be the best choice.

If you are looking for a real estate agent with the right knowledge, experience and skills to help you find your dream home, be sure to call Frankel Realty on (561) 427-2154 and we will assist you through the entire process.

How To Get a High Appraisal For Your Home

A home appraisal is essential when it comes to making sure that you and your potential buyers are able to learn about the exact current condition of your home and its value. The appraisal will allow you to find out how much your house is worth, what are its strongest points, as well as what needs to be improved. Frankel Realty has had many years of experience with property sales and appraisals. Here, we have detailed the best way to aim for a high value appraisal.

Do a walk-through of your home

To get a high value appraisal you will need to make some improvements in key areas of your home. Before you do this, you need to know what changes are most likely to have the best results. Take a long tour through your house and analyze everything completely. You can arrange to take notes, make a list and take photographs to help you make your decision. You may seek the aid of your realtor to make sure that you choose wisely as well as to learn more about the current needs of the average home buyer in your location.

Make small improvements

The next step is to figure out the improvements you can make and then to start work. It is highly recommended that you give the house a fresh coat of paint, a good professional cleaning and repair anything that needs fixing. In addition, if your house has any historical value, it is important to make sure that these improvements don’t take that particular advantage away. While some updates to the kitchens, bathrooms, storage and outdoor areas are perfectly acceptable, anything that would take away any historical value would actually count as a minus point. Be sure to consider restoring any historic elements to add value to your house. In addition, it is very important that you pay attention to your garden as curb appeal also matters a great deal when it comes to aiming for a high appraisal value.

Keep track of all modifications

Be sure to keep clear records on any updates or restorations you have made to the house. In addition to a sketch of the house plan, it always helps to provide your appraiser with a list of updates (and their details) done within the past 15 years. Be sure to mention the approximate cost of each update, dates and specifics. It is crucial that you do not overlook even the smallest updates as they do count when it comes to attaining that final figure.

When it comes to valuing houses, appraisers are known to estimate in increments of $500. If you have skipped on any repairs that will cost $500 or above, it will count as a minus point for your property. Therefore, be mindful that even the smallest issues such as cracked windows, leaking faucets and any structural damage will be taken into account.
Seeking the assistance of a qualified real estate agent within your region will help optimize the assets of your house to make it stand out. Frankel Realty is an extensively experienced real estate company in South Florida and is the perfect choice to help you get a high-value house appraisal. Contact us today on (561) 427-2154 to connect with an agent today.

Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Jupiter, FL

How do you envision your retirement? If you see white sands, endless sunshine and complete luxury, then Jupiter, FL, just might be the ideal choice for you. Here, at Frankel Realty, we have been asked why so many retirees ask for a retirement property in Jupiter. Well, out of the many reasons, we’ve selected the top 5 benefits you can expect from retiring in beautiful Jupiter.

Beautiful properties

If you have grand plans for your retirement, why not retire in style at one of the gorgeous luxury properties in Jupiter? The gorgeous weather comes together with the stunning natural surroundings to create nothing short of paradise. The biggest selling points for Jupiter houses are of course, the magnificent views and close proximity to some of the most adored sightseeing opportunities in the state. The world famous beaches, the intracoastal waterways and the perfectly manicured grounds of the golf and country clubs give the residents of Jupiter something beautiful to look at wherever their property is located.

Community lifestyle

Jupiter is home to some of the most prestigious golf and country club communities in the U.S. For retirees with a passion for golf or for those who wish to enjoy the many facilities and perks of community living, investing in a property at a club community is definitely worth the effort. The small town feel of a gated community is splendidly complimented with the heavenly facilities of the exclusive clubs.

Great weather all through the year

Florida, referred to as the ‘Sunshine state’ has earned its name for a reason. The weather truly is beautiful all through the year and allows for plenty of outdoor activities and languid relaxing at the beach. Bright blue skies and the summer breeze go perfectly with the natural beauty of the area and of course, the beautiful neighborhoods.


Access to all essential amenities

Even if you choose a house outside of a community, Jupiter’s many high end neighborhoods offer easy access to all the necessary amenities as well as professional services. Restaurants, medical facilities, airports and great shopping outlets are all easily reached from most beautiful Jupiter homes.

Entertainment and activities

Jupiter is an outdoor playground that can keep retirees entertained all through the year. From some of the most excellent dining establishments in the country all the way to beautiful beaches and waterfront activities, retirement in Jupiter is full of amazing things to do and see. Let’s not forget about the community organized events for those who have chosen the club community lifestyle.

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to consider Jupiter as a retirement destination. The professionals at Frankel Realty can provide you with the assistance to make your retirement dream come true.
Contact us today on (561) 427-2154, for more information.

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