Buyers Looking For Jupiter Homes For Sale Will Pay More For Good Schools

According to a recent survey by, more than 44 percent of homebuyers who plan to buy a home for sale in Jupiter, Florida within the next year said they would be willing pay more than budgeted by up to 10 percent in order to own a home withing the school boundaries of A+ rated schools.

Roughly 2/3 of homebuyers surveyed said that school boundaries impact their home buying decision.  A large percentage of buyers indicated that they’d be willing to pay up to 20 percent above their budget to get a home in a desirable school district. About 17 percent of buyers said they want to live within a mile of their child’s school so their children can walk from home.
Some homebuyers said they’d even be willing to give up amenities like golf course, community pool and playgrounds in return for good school.

For more information on homes for sale in Jupiter Florida near A+ rated schools, contact Brad Ball, Broker-Associate with Frankel Realty Group in Jupiter, Florida.  Brad is one of the top agents in the Jupiter area, so call him at 561-373-8700 or email him at  To search Jupiter Real Estate for sale go to

The Other End of the Tunnel – Lindsay Greene’s South Florida Market Update

I don’t know about you, but for a while I’ve been wondering…”Where’s this light that’s supposed to be at the end of this tunnel? This tunnel is starting to look a lot like a cave…” Like many others, I was starting to question a strong recovery. Oh, the joys of being wrong sometimes. Here we are, a few years having passed from the dreaded “end of the world”, and it’s safe to say that we made it through the tunnel. 


It’s hard to hold back the excitement, I know.

Homes are now selling faster and closer to their asking price. Throughout the country, homes sold at 98.3% of asking price this past December–up from the January, 2011 figure of 97.1%. Of course, this change is great for sellers, but this is fantastic for buyers as well. With less flexible prices and homes selling more quickly, buyers have a lower chance of losing money on their home purchase. In addition to the rise in home prices, lenders have also started loosening up. The number of conventional loans being written with down payments of 5%-10% increased 6% since this time last year, giving more buyers an additional option from FHA loans. And, now that unemployment is at its all time low of 7.5% since 2008, many more buyers will start entering the market as well.

So, keep jumping in the air like these wonderful people in the picture above. Higher sale prices, more low cost loans, and more jobs means more activity in the real estate market, a better economy, and just happier people in general.

 To learn more about homeownership, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home, or if you just want to talk about the real estate market, please contact me, Lindsay Greene, on my cell at (561) 427-8016 or email me at

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A Guide to Home Ownership Tax Deductions and Where We Can Find Them

April 15th is right around the corner…


For some, tax season can mean a trip to the mall, paying off a credit card, or scoring extra cash for a trip or bills. However, others like me are thinking… only a few weeks left to pull the Band-Aid off.  Let’s be honest, it hurts a little! And while some enter into this tax-paying process with confidence and ease, the rest of us are sitting around dreading the day we have to hand over a fat check. That extra box of tissues is starting to look great…. But wait! There does appear to be a silver lining. For those fortunate enough to have realized the dream of home ownership, there are several deductions and tax credits just waiting to be taken advantage of. Some of these tax breaks include the mortgage interest deduction, energy tax credits, vacation home tax deductions, and prepaid interest deductions—just to name a few. For the purpose of this blog, let’s focus on the mortgage interest deduction, shall we? Here’s what you need to know:

The mortgage interest deduction is claimed on Schedule A and can be used on mortgages up to $1,000,000 ($500,000 for married couples filing separately). In order to qualify for the mortgage interest deduction, your mortgage must be secured by your home—whether it be the mortgage used to buy your home, a second mortgage, line of credit, or home equity loan. This home can be a boat, trailer, or any other structure that you can sleep and cook in with a toilet. The other great thing about this deduction is that, if you happened to use part of your home loan towards something like sending your child to college, you are still able to deduct interest on those loans up to $100,000($50,000 for married couples filing separately) so long as that loan is still secured by your home. So, it seems that tearing off the dreaded tax Band-Aid may not be so bad after all, homeowners.

To learn more about the mortgage interest deduction, along with several other tax deductions available to homeowners, visit The Florida Realtors’ website at or visit the IRS website

To learn more about homeownership, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home, or if you just want to talk about the real estate market, please contact me, Lindsay Greene, on my cell at (561) 427-8016 or email me at  If you would like to browse homes for sale please visit my Company’s website

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Jupiter Florida New Construction Up 24.5% – Brad Ball, Frankel Realty Group

The major-metro regions in Florida – Jacksonville, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens-Jupiter, Orlando-Kissimmee, Tallahassee and Tampa-St. Pete – had an increase in actively bid construction projects, according to the third-quarter BidClerk Construction Index. This increase covered both private and public construction projects that have grown substantially over the last few years.

Overall, Jupiter and the surrounding South Florida areas increased 24.5 percent compared to one year earlier. Private construction rose 23.7 percent, while public construction rose just 24.9 percent.

In a quarterly analysis for all construction projects, the top areas in Florida saw an increase of 12.3 percent. Third-quarter private projects saw an increas of 1.4 percent, while public projects saw an increase of 20.8 percent compared to the second quarter of 2012.

In a year-over-year analysis for the Miami region, actively bid public and private construction projects rose 10.8 percent compared to one year ago. Private projects increased 22.4 percent and public projects increased 4.4 percent.

Quarter-over-quarter, combined private and public construction projects in Miami increased 12.3 percent. Private projects rose 2.8 percent and public projects rose 19.3 percent.

In a year-over-year analysis for the Orlando region, actively bid public and private construction projects dropped 4.4 percent compared to one year ago. Private projects decreased 3.1 percent and public projects decreased 5.6 percent.

Quarter-over-quarter, combined private and public construction projects in Orlando decreased 3.3 percent. Private projects decreased 4.5 percent and public projects dropped 2.2 percent.

Palm Beach Gardens – Jupiter
In a year-over-year analysis for the Palm Beach Gardens-Jupiter region, actively bid public and private new construction projects rose 24.5 percent compared to one year ago. Private projects increased 23.7 percent and public projects increased 24.9 percent.

Quarter-over-quarter, combined private and public new construction projects in Jupiter increased 16.9 percent. Private projects decreased 9.1 percent and public projects rose 37.8 percent.

Nationally, actively bid combined public and private new construction projects increased 3 percent in the third quarter of 2012, compared to the same quarter a year ago. Third quarter 2012 public new construction increased modestly, rising just 0.2 percent, while third quarter 2012 private construction rose 12.3 percent, year-over-year.

For more information on new construction in Jupiter, Florida and the surrounding areas, call you local new home expert, Brad Ball at 561-373-8700 or email him at  To search new homes for sale in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens visit our website at or

June Mattson Sells Two Homes In Jonathan’s Landing – Jupiter, Florida

3132 Casseekey Island - Jonathans Landing

3132 Casseekey Island - Jonathans Landing

June Mattson of Frankel Realty Group closed on 2 homes in Jonathan’s Landing this week.  The first was located on posh Casseekey Island, home to some of the most spectacular custom homes in the community and one of Jupiter, Florida’s most prestigious locations.   This Intracoastal Estate estate featured a private dock, formal living and dining room, screened pool and spa and an amazing firepit.   Overlooking the waterway with mega-yachts going by this home was purchased for a price just below $2,195,000.  

The second home sold in Jonathan’s Landing by June Mattson was in the community of Crosswinds Village.  Crosswinds features single family homes bordering the fairways of the “In Town” course.  The amenities of the home included, a spacious screened porch, split bedrooms, separate living and dining rooms, 1.5 garage and was listed $425,000.

If you would like further information on homes for sale in Jonathans Landing or anything related to Jonathan’s Landing Real Estate, contact June Mattson  at 561.222.0640 or email her at  To search MLS for homes in Jonathans Landing, go to our website at


A measure of U.S. home prices jumped 4.6 percent in August compared with a year ago, the largest year-over-year increase in more than six years.

CoreLogic, a private real estate data provider, also said Tuesday that prices rose 0.3 percent in August from July, the sixth straight monthly gain.  Steady price increases, combined with greater home sales and rising builder confidence, suggest the housing recovery may be sustainable.

Other measures of home prices have also increased. The Standard & Poor’s/Case Shiller index rose in July compared with a year ago, the second straight yearly increase after two years of declines. And an index compiled by a federal housing regulator has also reported annual increases.

Housing prices are rising in most areas, including Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter Island and the Island of Palm Beach.

“The housing market’s gains are increasingly geographically diverse with only six municipalites continuing to show declining prices,” said Brad Ball, Broker-Associate for Jupiter’s top real estate firm, Frankel Realty Group.

South Florida cities with the biggest price increases in the past 12 months were Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter and Tequesta.  Prices soared 18.2 percent in these areas partly because the supply of homes for sale is low and foreclosure sales have slowed.

The housing market has begun to rebound this year more than five years after the bubble burst.

Sales of previously occupied homes jumped in August to the highest level since May 2010. The rate at which builders started single-family homes rose last month to the fastest in more than two years. Builders have also increased their spending on single-family home construction for five straight months. And the lowest mortgage rates on record have made home buying more attractive.

For more information on the housing market or luxury homes for sale in the Jupiter/Tequesta area, contact Brad Ball at 561-373-8700 or email him at  To search available home for sale please visit the Frankel Realty website at

Brad Ball of Frankel Realty Group – Florida Consumer Confidence On Rise

Brad Ball, Broker Associate for Frankel Realty Group in Jupiter, Florida says Florida’s September consumer confidence reached a post-recession high of 79 – up three points from a revised August reading of 76.

“The last time Florida consumer confidence hit 79 was in October 2007,” says Chris McCarty, director of UF’s Survey Research Center in the Bureau of Economic and Business Research. “At that time, confidence was on its way down as the housing crisis was getting under way. This month’s index comes at a time when the economy is still in recovery.”

The September survey showed increases in all five components that researchers use to assess the collective economic opinion of Floridians.

In September, the component measuring whether respondents’ think they’re better off economically today compared to a year ago rose one point to 62. In addition, the component that measures economic expectations one year from now rose one point to 86, while the component measuring expectations that personal finances will improve a year from now rose one point to 86.

Floridians had a rosier outlook for the state as well. That component rose three points to 78. The component that measured their outlook for the nation went up two points to 84.

Finally, the component that measures whether Floridians think it’s a good time to buy big-ticket items, such as automobiles and refrigerators, rose two points to 82.

Despite the uptick, McCarty says several economic conditions serve as a drag on Florida’s recovery: job losses in construction and government helped keep the state’s unemployment rate in August unchanged from the previous month at 8.8 percent. And “although inflation is currently under control, consumers should expect increases in prices next year, as the effects of the drought hitting much of the U.S. make their way into food prices.”

However, there is good economic news for Florida.

The median price for a single-family home in August was up 5.8 percent over the previous year’s average at $147,000, although it was down slightly from July’s figure.

“The stock market is getting closer to the all-time record and this, along with increases in housing prices, are certainly a boost to consumers’ sense of wealth,” McCarty says, adding that October should prove to be an “interesting month.”

Political ideology, which already plays a significant role in consumer confidence, could also become even more crucial as the presidential campaign heats up. “Obama supporters have much higher confidence than Romney supporters,” McCarty. “Whether Floridians react negatively or positively remains to be seen, but it will largely determine consumer confidence as we get close to the holiday shopping season.”

Conducted Sept. 12-20, the UF study reflects the responses of 419 individuals who represent a demographic cross-section of Florida. The index used by UF researchers is benchmarked to 1966, which means a value of 100 represents the same level of confidence for that year. The lowest index possible is a 2; the highest is 150.

For more information on homes for sale in Palm Beach County, contact Brad Ball of Frankel Realty Group at 561-373-8700 or

Jupiter – Tequesta Luxury Homes Selling at Light Speed | Brad Ball – Frankel Realty Group

No one in South Florida studies and understands the Jupiter & Tequesta home market like Brad Ball, Broker Associate for Frankel Realty Group in Jupiter, Florida.  Brad is an expert in helping luxury home buyers list and sell some of the finest waterfront and golf club community homes in the world.  Here is what he has to say about the current state of the housing market in Jupiter and Tequesta, Florida…

A new measure shows the typical amount of time it takes to sell a home is shrinking.

The time it takes to sell a home currently – 69 days in July, down 29.6 percent from 98 days in July 2011 – is in the range of historic norms for a balanced market. It’s also well below the cyclical peak reached in 2009.

The median reflects a wide spectrum; one-third of homes purchased in July were on the market for less than a month, while one in five was on the market for at least six months.

“As inventory has tightened, homes have been selling more quickly,” says Brad Ball, Broker Associate for the boutique luxury real estate firm in Jupiter.  “A notable shortening of time on market began this spring, and this has created a general balance between home buyers and sellers in much of the country. This equilibrium is supporting sustained price growth, and homes that are correctly priced tend to sell quickly, while those that aren’t often languish on the market.”

At the end July, there was a 6.4-month supply of homes on the market at the current sales pace, which is 31.2 percent below a year ago when there was a 9.3-month supply.

Ball says that his research has determined that a balanced market generally has a median selling time of slightly more than six weeks, making the current luxury home market in South Florida appear balanced.

In balanced market conditions, home prices generally rise 1 to 2 percentage points above the overall rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

“Our current forecast is for the median existing home price to rise 4.5 to 5 percent this year, and about 5 percent in 2013, which is somewhat stronger than historic norms because of the inventory shortfall most pronounced in the low price ranges,” Ball says.

During the peak of the housing boom in 2004 and 2005, when inventory supplies were historically low at an average 4.3 months, the median selling time was 4 weeks. Prices in that time rose at an annual rate of 10.3 percent.

In the economic downturn, time on market for non-distressed sellers peaked at 10 weeks in 2009 with a 10-month annualized supply. The median price fell 12.9 percent that year, the biggest annual decline on record.

Look to Brad Ball when you are ready to buy or sell your next home.  Brad is one of the top agents representing both buyers and sellers in Jupiter and Tequesta.  To contact him call 561-373-8700 or email him at

Jupiter Home Prices Post First 12 Month Gain Since 2010 | Brad Ball Frankel Realty Group

As many of my readers know, I have been bullish on the housing market since the 4th Quarter of 2009.  I spend a large percentage of my time tracking the market, It’s my job to know!  I have had my doubters, but the statistics don’t lie.  U.S. and South Florida home prices rose in June from the same month last year, the first year-over-year increase since the summer of 2010. The increase is the latest evidence of a recovery in the housing market.

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index released Tuesday showed a gain of 0.5 percent from June 2011.

The last time the year-over-year index increased was in September 2010. For much of that 12-month period, the government was offering a home-buying tax credit.

The report also showed that all 20 cities tracked by the index rose in June from May, the second consecutive time in which every city posted month-over-month gains. And all but two cities posted stronger gains in June than May. [Read more...]

THE BIDDING WARS ARE BACK – Top Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale in Jupiter Florida

“Bidding wars are back as the housing market continues its recovery,” says Brad Ball, Broker-Associate with Frankel Realty Group in Jupiter, Florida.  “After years of lackluster sales and sagging prices, demand is growing while the number of homes for sale in Jupiter and Tequesta shrinks.”

Those market conditions drive multiple offers in many areas, but real estate agents and other housing followers say sellers still can take practical steps to boost the level of interest among buyers.  Brad Ball gives you the top ways to prepare your home for sale in Jupiter Florida and the surrounding coastal areas.

[Read more...]

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