Homeowners’ Insurance and Coverage

Homeowners’ insurance is a protective measure that will pay for damages to your property, cover your legal responsibility, and liability as well as any injuries and property damage to you, your family or others. The damage caused by household pets is often included in the coverage. A standard homeowners’ insurance policy provides 4 types of coverage that are considered essential.

Coverage for the structure of your home

This particular part of the policy will pay for any repairs if your home is damaged or destroyed by any of the disasters that are listed in your policy. Disasters such as fire, hail, hurricanes and lightning are commonly listed in these policies and it is very important to consider the weather in your area and its history of natural disasters when choosing coverage. In most cases, standard homeowners’ insurance policies cover structures such as garages, gazebos or tool sheds.

Coverage on your belongings

Personal items such as clothes, furniture and other belongings are covered by your homeowners’ policy from theft, fire and any other disaster listed in the policy. Most insurance companies offer about 50 – 70% of the amount for which the structure of your home is insured. It is recommended that you conduct a home inventory to make sure that the amount you receive is adequate to cover any possible losses.

Liability protection coverage

Any property damage or injuries that are caused by you or your family members will be covered by liability protection coverage. This coverage will also pay for any damage caused by your pets. This means that if your children or your pets damage a particularly expensive vase in your neighbor’s house, it will be covered by the liability protection coverage. However, this does not mean that any damages to your own properties will be covered. Aside for the cost of the damage, the liability portion will also pay the legal charges in any lawsuit up to the policy limits.

Additional living expenses

This portion of your policy will pay for any additional costs of living that you may have to face should have to live away from your home. If your home is destroyed or damaged from a disaster listed in your policy, the insurance company will pay for hotel bills, meals from restaurants as well as other expenses that are above your regular expenses. However, this coverage has limits and it is normal for some policies to have time limitations.
A standard homeowners’ insurance also covers any trees or plants in your garden. Generally, you will be offered about 5% of the insurance amount on the house all the way up to $500 for each item. The disasters include theft, vandalism, riot, explosions and even falling aircrafts, but do not include wind damage and disease.

Places To Shop In Palm Beach

Palm Beach, famed for its stunning million dollar homes and perfect summer vacation weather, is also a fantastic shopping destination. From the latest trends and looks straight from the runway all the way to unique antiques, Palm Beach offers you an unbeatable shopping experience. Here are some of the top upscale shopping destinations in Palm Beach for you to get your hands on designer goods.

The Palm Beach Gardens Mall

The Gardens Mall is a two story, upscale shopping mall where over 160 specialty shops can be found. Featuring stores such Stuart Weitzman, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Michael Kors, the Palm Beach Gardens Mall is one of the most popular and favorite upscale shopping destinations in Florida. This large shopping center is ideal for those who want high-end luxury products as well as specialty items that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Boasting 2 Starbucks coffee shops and a selection of restaurants The Gardens Mall is perfect to spend a day of shopping for absolutely anything you would need.

Worth Avenue

When it comes to discussing upscale shopping in Palm Beach, Worth Avenue must be noted for a variety of reasons. For starters, in 2013, Worth Avenue made it to the top three of the “most iconic streets in America.” The Avenue is four blocks from Lake Worth all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. A shopping spree on Worth Avenue is one of the most significant retail experiences you can enjoy in Palm Beach. You will be able to shop at a wide range of high-end designer outlets at Worth Avenue. The likes of Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Hermès, Chanel, Gucci and Ralph Lauren as well as Tiffany & Co. are all offered for those with a love luxurious designer products. At the Eastern end of Worth Avenue, an open-air mall known as 150 Worth offers a selection of upscale stores.


CityPlace is not just a shopping mall but actually an upscale lifestyle center that is located in downtown West Palm Beach. Located along South Rosemary Avenue, CityPlace features a selection of excellent high-end retail outlets and restaurants as well as apartments for rent, condos and office spaces. Popular destination in CityPlace include Muvico Parisian 20, LA Fitness, Publix and Macy’s. The shopping center is designed to reflect West European, Mediterranean and Venetian architecture and is now one of the most iconic landmarks in Palm Beach. For those who seek to indulge in luxury branded items and to simply spend a day full of shopping, excitement and even a bit of relaxation, CityPlace is fully equipped to offer you all that you need. From shopping all the way to a bowling alley, the shopping center offers something for everyone. When you feel like taking a break, you can always head on to The Cheesecake Factory, Sloan’s Ice Cream, Panera Bread or Starbucks.

If living in West Palm Beach is something you would like to consider, call Frankel Realty on (561) 427-2154 to speak to one of our qualified representatives.

Furniture Trending for Fall 2014

Are you decorating or re-decorating your home? Then you need to get in touch with the latest furniture trends to make sure that your space is beautiful, up to date and functional.

Outdoor-type furniture for the indoors

Wickerwork, lattice work, aged metals and heavy wooden furniture are in this season. This doesn’t exclusively mean pieces of furniture that can pass up for garden furniture but also applies for items that appear to have been left outside. Faded wood and aged metals have a rustic appeal that will work great with other classic pieces to create a unique design. Look for pieces made with outdoorsy materials but are designed for indoor comfort for the best results.

Glamorous pieces will steal the show

High backed upholstered chairs, polished surfaces and shiny neutrals create a glamorous look. For 2014, pieces of furniture that spell glamour and lavishness will be ideal to make a bold design statement. While the trend is not exactly something completely new, the styles and the shapes of pieces along with the prints and colors have seen some considerable change.


Custom, recycled and up-cycled items are in

Adding pieces that are completely unique into your interiors will make the design stand out. While professional customized items may be exceptionally expensive, a special statement piece or a bold accent will be worth the price. If you don’t feel like splurging, you can always look at pieces that have been crafted from unconventional recycled items such as wooden pellets and wine barrels.

Ethnic pieces are a favorite for 2014

Ethnic prints, ethnic designs and ethnic shapes are all very popular this fall. If you are to walk into a furniture store, you are bound to find at least a few pieces that depict different cultures and ethnicities. These pieces will often work as style statements. The perfect chair, table or cupboard can be mixed and matched easily with the rest of your décor to create a unique look with a dash of ethnic elegance.

Metallic fabrics are perfect for a design statement

Metallic leather upholstery and metallic cushions are ideal to create an almost avant garde look in just about any room. The key is to not go overboard and to choose your pieces with care. A few metallic cushions or a single metallic leather ottoman would work great in a small space. For larger spaces, you can experiment with more pieces without the fear of overcrowding.

Eco–friendly furniture is great in many ways

Furniture made from recycled or up-cycled materials are affordable and beautiful while being friendly to the environment. Additionally, you can look for pieces made from industrial timber that have been made into everyday items.

Multi-functional pieces work in all types of rooms

Multi-functional pieces are ideal for small spaces. Coffee tables that double up as dinner tables, ottomans with hidden storage space and sofa beds are a great way to add a unique dash of elegance to your space while saving space at the same time. Getting several uses out of the price of one piece is only the cherry on top!

Palm Beach Nightlife: Top 5 Lounges and Bars

Palm Beach is a much loved residential destination with so much to offer its residents. From beautiful homes, elite company and beautiful weather, all the way to family friendly activities and great places to grab some food and drinks, Palm Beach is rich with great entertainment opportunities. Here, we have listed the top 5 upscale lounges and bars in Palm Beach.


Buccan is a beautiful restaurant with a constantly evolving menu. Named after a type of wooden grill from the Caribbean, the restaurant is a great place to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal. The restaurant is separated in to six areas where diners can enjoy a drink on the bar, enjoy the intimacy of dining in an alcove or to simply chill out on comfortable sofas. The spicy pork tacos, burrata salad and southern fried chicken come highly recommended. You can wash it all down with a glass of Buccan T, an alcoholic iced tea.

City Place

While not exactly a bar or a lounge, City Place is actually an upscale shopping center with plenty of places to buy what you need and to enjoy a fantastic meal. The strikingly unique architecture of City Place and the many great shopping venues make it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. After a long day of shopping and lounging in one or a few of the many cafes, you can enjoy a fantastic drink at one of bars to end your perfect day in style.


Ta-boo is a chic establishment with a beautifully decorated interior and classic casual dining atmosphere. Opened in 1941, this lovely bistro has been long considered one of the must visit destinations in Palm Beach. In fact, some say that the ‘bloody Mary’ was actually invented here. If you are looking for a great place to relax at happy hour after work, then Ta-boo is the perfect option. Sit back, enjoy the piano music with a glass of wine and be sure to order the lamb.

Cucina Dell’ Arte

Cucina Dell’ Arte is a highly popular trattoria in Palm Beach and offers a traditional Italian cuisine and a great wine list. Decorated with saffron colored stucco walls and an exhibition kitchen, Cucina Dell’ Arte transforms into a trendy and hip bar that attracts happy young patrons in the evening hours. The establishment is famed for great house-baked pizza, grilled fish and a divine assortment of pasta dishes. Needless to say, the wine list offers enough variety to make sure that just about any dish is properly accompanied.

The Leopard Lounge

The much loved Leopard Lounge features sophisticated décor and a menu featuring some of the most adored signature dishes. The Leopard Lounge bar is one of the most popular nighttime destinations for locals and regular visitors. The recently refurbished space features excellent musical entertainment to go well with your drinks. If you want to mingle with the hip crowd of Palm Beach, head on to the Leopard Lounge and enjoy a cocktail made from your favorite ingredients and sit back to enjoy a wonderful evening.

How to Conserve Energy in Your Home

More and more people are on the lookout for ways to conserve energy in their homes. Cutting down energy consumption is a great way to cut down utility costs as well as to do your part to assist global energy conservation. However, not all home energy conservation methods are economical or practical for every home. Below are a few of the best home energy conservation options for you to choose as per your needs and financial ability.

Be careful with the lights

This is one of the simplest methods of conserving energy in your home as well as your workplace. Start by only using natural light during the daytime by opening shades and curtains and resorting to electrical lights only when it’s absolutely necessary. You can always choose lamps to cast light directly where it is needed for activities such as writing and reading at night.

Choose the right appliances

Nowadays, low-energy consuming and environmentally friendly appliances are readily available. Televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines that tend to get used very often come in energy conserving models that are just as friendly to your budget. The next time you are shopping or a new appliance, look for the “Energy Star” sticker.

Change your light bulbs

Traditional light bulbs consume a lot of energy and may end up significantly raising your monthly bill. Instead, opt for LED bulbs for low energy consumption and a lower electricity bill.

Maintain your home with care

A large chunk of your energy bill is made up of cooling and heating. If your home is not insulated properly, these costs will be higher. Be sure to check your home for broken windows, furnace filter damage and any cracks and weak spots. Any places where air can escape will cause your heating or cooling systems to work harder by consuming more energy.

Use heating and cooling only when necessary

Whether you live in a cool climate or a warm one, every single day is not going to be equally hot or cold. This means that you will need to pay attention to the weather and to decide whether to turn on heat or the air conditioner. Whenever possible, try and work with natural ventilation.

Limit your water consumption

Little things such as turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth can make a considerable difference. As for long showers, they too tend to be expensive in the long run. Invest in an alarm to time your showers to save money and time. In addition, it is very important to regularly check for leaks as a few drops can add up at the end of the month.

Maintain your car & reduce how much you drive

If the weather is great and you only have a short distance to go, taking out your bicycle or simply walking can help conserve energy while also providing exercise. When it comes to your vehicle, always check that the tires are properly inflated and get your oil changed as per the manufacturer’s specifications so that it runs efficiently.

How to Combat Equity Stripping Scams

Equity stripping scams are also referred to as equity skimming and foreclosure rescue scams. By definition, the practice is a type of scheme for rescuing someone from foreclosure. However, it is considered to be a predatory form of lending and became quite popular in the late 90’s. Needless to say, detecting an equity stripping scam is not always easy. The majority of these scam artists refer to themselves as “Mortgage Refinancers”, “Mortgage Re-conveyers” or “Mortgage Rescuers”. No matter what these scammers may call themselves; their main intention is to steal the equity from homeowners who will end up with no money or home to live in.

What to look out for

It is always important to be aware of the dangers and how equity scamming works to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you or your family and friends. Typically, the scammers will pose as lenders and offer you a loan amount that is higher than what you can afford. You will most likely be asked to put your income on the application. They don’t expect you to pay the loan but to actually get stuck with monthly payments that are too high to handle and to eventually approach foreclosure. When that happens, the scammers will get your home and they can sell it at a profit while you end up homeless. Another way that these scams work is by asking you to sign the deed over with the hopes of securing ‘better terms’ or to avoid foreclosure. In this case, they will create piles and piles of paperwork for which you will be charged exorbitant amounts. Once the property is transferred, they will promise to pay the mortgage lender and to offer the property back to you at a monthly rent. Unsurprisingly, you will find that your rent is higher than your mortgage, causing you to fall behind in payments. Since you can no longer afford the property, they will ‘inherit’ it.

Our advice to you

Those with lower incomes but in possession of a good amount of equity have a hard time borrowing money from reputed lenders. However, equity strippers will target them for this very reason. They may advertise their services in specific neighborhoods and promise affordable rates and fast cash. It is very important that you protect yourself from this sort of scam. Keep in mind to never do business with those who call you up at random, send emails, post promotional pamphlets or simply visit your home to offer assistance with your mortgage. It is highly advisable that you only do business with reputed local institutions or nationally known banks. If you are facing foreclosure, be sure to consult your own lawyer (not one provided by your lender) to weigh your options. Be sure to never turn your deed over to anyone without the recommendation of a trustworthy adviser. Most importantly, you should never sign up for a home equity loan if you are unable to afford it. Your combined home loan payments should never exceed 28% of your gross income.

The Importance of Stunning Photos When Selling a Home

The Internet and real estate websites are the first stop for many house hunters. With today’s busy lifestyle and the love of everything fast, easy and convenient, not many people would stop to consider a real estate listing without proper photos. In fact, an online real estate listing without at least one or two proper photos is often considered a red flag for many house hunters.

Internet Listings

As real estate professionals, Frankel Realty highly recommends professional photography as a very important step in the process of putting your house on the market. While you can attempt to take the pictures yourself, a professional would know how to work with the right angles and with the available light to make sure that the best features of your home is ideally highlighted. Additionally, homebuyers demand high-resolution images on online real estate listings. A professional photographer with experience on real estate photography will have the right equipment and expertise to provide you with quality photos that highlight the plus points while giving buyers what they need.

Home Staging

Of course, photographing your home ‘as it is’ is not always a good idea unless it’s pristinely maintained and decorated to perfection. Many real estate experts recommend home staging before the photographs are taken so your home can look its absolute best while sticking to real estate standards and the expectations of your potential buyers. While you may argue that you like the way your home is decorated and that you have your own style, your potential buyers may not always agree. Your choice of colors, furniture and personal elements may not always have the same appeal to a buyer, especially if they are looking at an internet listing. A home that is carefully staged will look great in photographs and display its best assets to potential buyers.

Hire a Professional Photographer

When it comes to getting your home photographed, you will need to make sure that you show all of the rooms in your house as well as the other spaces. The front yard, garden, basement, garage and backyard are very important parts in your home and they should also be included in the photographs to allow potential buyers to get a good measure of your home. Additionally, if you are the owner of a waterfront property or have a generous view from your home, be sure to capture this through photography. Things such as fireplaces, hot tubs, swimming pools, home spas, gazebos and just about any other luxurious and highly desirable elements in your home should also be photographed. The idea is to show your potential buyers the best assets of your property so that they will be impressed enough to arrange a visit.

Nowadays, people rarely visit a property without checking the photographs first. Taking the time and effort as well as sparing the expense to get your home professionally photographed will pay off. If you are planning to put your home on the market, be sure to contact Frankel Realty for more professional advice on creating a great online listing.

Things To Do With a Boat

Florida and boats are a perfect match between outdoor activity and beautiful scenery. For those of you with a love for the water and the many fantastic activities associated with it, there is nothing better than the Florida boating lifestyle for you to enjoy every day of your life. While fishing and taking languid boat rides are the most obvious options, there are plenty of other great things that you can do in Florida with a boat.

Enjoy Nature

Florida is abundant with natural beauty and beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of nature parks and excellent opportunities to catch a glimpse of the local flora and fauna. For instance, you can explore the Florida Bay and Cape Sable by boat. Cape Sable is an isolated beachscape where you can catch a glimpse of gulls, terns, pelicans and other shorebirds during low tide. Another great option for exploring Florida’s natural beauty is to take a tour through the Wilderness Waterway, a 100 mile boat trail lined with mangroves and open bays. A boat or kayak ride through the Wilderness Waterway will allow you to enjoy the sight of manatees, sea turtles and alligators along with various native and visiting birds. Accessible exclusive by seaplane or boat is the remote Dry Tortugas National Park. Located in the farthest extent of the Florida Keys, the National Park offers a chance to witness sea turtle nesting and various seabirds. A trip to the Tortugas would make a fantastic camping trip as the park offers 10 camping sites.


For boat owners, Florida offers a chance to access restaurants and other establishments through the water for a truly unique experience. For instance, the Jupiter Sandbar is one of the most popular dining options among those who enjoy the boating lifestyle, al fresco dining and to enjoy the beach to the fullest. You can also access a selection of other beachside bars where you can enjoy a quiet drink or fantastic seafood restaurants to enjoy delicious food made with the freshest ingredients while enjoying live music. Aside from dining options, private yacht clubs such as the Hamilton Harbor are also a favorite destination for boating enthusiasts in the Florida region to get together.

Other Water Activities

Beyond boating, Florida offers a range of other fantastic waterfront activities for just about anyone. For instance, the majestic waves are a favorite opportunity to enthusiastic surfers and fans of wakeboarding to refine their sport or for newbies to learn a few tricks. If you are in the mood for some speed and adventure, wave-runners are readily available in many beaches. Waterskiing is also a favorite water activity for many water-loving residents and visitors with a taste for adventure.

Florida is fantastic for those who wish to enjoy the boating lifestyle and beach culture to the fullest. With an amazing selection of waterfront properties and activities to keep you occupied, it’s high time that you give Frankel Realty a call to help you choose a property that works perfectly for a boating enthusiast.

The Correct Way To Search for Properties on the Internet

Homebuyers have the ability to simply go on the Internet, type in their requirements and find houses listed for sale. With the increasing numbers of house hunters and online property listings, there are plenty of platforms that join them together to make a perfect match easier. However, there are still plenty of those who are new to finding properties on the Internet. We provide a few tips to assist your search.

Narrow Your Search Criteria

For starters, you need to specify your requirements. The neighborhood, your budget, space requirements and any special preferences will have to be listed down for easy reference. The majority of real estate portals work by allowing you to filter your search results by location, size and price limit. If you have several choices for each criterion, be sure to have them listed as well.

Property Portals

Property portals are a great way to get started with online house hunting. These websites allow sellers to post their properties and for potential buyers to look for available properties. As mentioned earlier, your selection criteria will come in handy to pin point property options that are best suited to you. There are property portals that cater exclusively to high end markets while other may take on properties that fall into all price categories. However, if you are on the lookout for high end properties in exclusive locations, it’s best to look for a luxury property portal for the best results. Since they market to buyers that seek high-end properties, they will have a more comprehensive range to choose from along with selection criteria that are best suited for the high-end property market.

Online Classifieds

You can also try online classifieds portals where people place various ads where property listings may also be included. However, most property ads on classifieds portals tend to be for rentals. But these portals also allow you to refine your search to find what you need and you may be able to find decently priced properties in the location of your choice. Take note that online classifieds portals are not exactly a good idea for those who wish to find high-end properties.

Seek Professional Guidance

Real estate agent websites are also a great way to find properties on the Internet. Even today, close to 90% of all homes are still sold with the aid of real estate agents. While you might be able to find a property and strike a deal on your own, a real estate agent will provide highly valuable services to make the buying process easier. Selecting an agent in the area of your preference will allow you to obtain great inside information about the area and its infrastructure as well. For example, Frankel Realty is a group of professional real estate agents who specialize on South Florida luxury properties. If you are on the lookout for a real estate agent to help you find a luxurious home, waterfront property or a home within an exclusive community, Frankel Realty is able to assist you with exclusive listings

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is famed for its luxurious atmosphere, upscale lifestyle and beautiful homes. The area is a haven for those who seek to indulge in a relaxing yet fully facilitated lifestyle surrounded by grandeur. Some of the most expensive homes in the country are found in Palm Beach County and is one of the most sought after residential destinations. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive homes in the area:

1. 1220 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, FL

Priced at $74 million, this ultra-luxurious property sits mere minutes from Worth Avenue and Breakers Resort. The property spreads out on 2.5 acres and is gated for complete security. The house offers marble and rare wood floors, 4000 square foot master bedroom, 8 ensuite bedrooms and 5 additional bathrooms, a gym and a guest house. With stunning views of the intra-coastal waterways, balconies, large gardens and a heated pool the house is only offered to qualified buyers.

2. 89 Middle Road

This beautiful historic home was built in 1921. Priced at $59 million, this beautiful property allows easy access to the ocean and boasts 10 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, a freshwater pool, fireplace and a four-car garage. Designed by the famed Addison Mizner, the property is spread across 4.3 acres with the main house and three more buildings for guests and staff.

3. 901 N. Ocean Blvd.

This $38 million property stands on a 2.3 acre land and overlooks the ocean. With 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, elevator, gym, wet bar, swimming pool and a media room, all the high end luxuries are within easy reach.

4. 101 E. El Bravo Way

This beautiful 2008 home offers 17,000 square feet of complete luxury. At $37.5 million, the house has 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a swimming pool, fire place and four garages. Additionally, the property also features a swimming pool, and fruit trees as well as plenty of space for biking and jogging.

5. 100 El Vedado Road

Built in 2002, this magnificent oceanfront home sits on 1 acre of land and spreads out on 16,000 square feet. Consisting of marble floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 full and 5 half bathrooms, staff quarters and a 3 car garage, this is definitely a house for someone with a taste for luxury.


6. 473 N. County Road

This extraordinary property, designed by Addison Mizner was constructed in 1923. The historic home is priced at $23 million, is spread across 1.5 acres of oceanfront property. This beautiful house offers luxurious amenities such as a fireplace, elevator and a swimming pool.

7. 102 Banyan Road

Inspired by the oceanfront lifestyle in Bermuda, this 2010 home comes with a $24 million price tag. The home offers 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a wet bar, marble floors, fireplaces and a three garage. This fully secured property also offers exquisite ocean views.

8. 1545 N Ocean Way

Built in 1937, this beautiful oceanfront property was designed by Maurice Fatio. ‘The Windansea’ is valued at $39million and sits on 2 acres of beachfront land. The home offers: 8 bedrooms, a beach cabana, rose gardens, a tennis court and amazing areas for outdoor living.

9. 400 Regent Park

Priced at $12 million, this elegant 6 bedroom home comes with exquisite views of the Intracoastal and a dock. With a 70 foot infinity pool, luxurious bathrooms, beautifully manicured lawns and an ideal location within easy reach of the airport, beach and shopping.

10. 110 Clarendon Ave

A steal at 12 million, this beautiful Mediterranean inspired property comes with 6 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. This amazing property offers gorgeous views of the ocean, elevator, fireplaces, high ceilings and exclusive access rights to the beach as well as a guesthouse.

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