Where to Get the Best Fusion Food in Palm Beach

Feeling a little adventurous? Fusion food is a combination of different culinary traditions and is the perfect choice for a multi-cultural area such as Palm Beach. If you’re craving something new and different, here are our top picks to get exactly what you want!

Safire Asian Fusion Cuisine

Located in Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, Safire is a popular spot for Asian fusion cuisine. The exciting menu at Safire combines Japanese and Thai elements to create something extraordinary for your taste buds. The restaurant features organic homegrown herbs and fresh ingredients and focuses on making an attractive presentation while delivering a taste explosion. The chicken pad Thai, seaweed salad and curry chicken come highly recommended by patrons. The Zagat rated restaurant features indoor and outdoor dining.

Palm Sugar

Palm Sugar is a trendy and casual eatery that presents interesting Asian inspired dishes. The Japanese style mini-sliders, Malaysian beef satay tacos and honey sesame-ginger chicken wings come highly recommended. The restaurant is all about mingling the exotic tastes of the Far East with American favorites to give something unique to its clientele. Palm Sugar uses fresh ingredients from local sources and is a popular place to try a delicious casual meal, grab some take away or to simply bond over a cup of coffee.


Located in Country Road, Palm Beach, Imoto is another popular fusion restaurant that is quite famous for its sushi offerings. Designed with a hip and trendy atmosphere, Imoto is a stylish establishment that features upbeat music and a fantastic menu. Many diners compliment the exemplary level of service and the intimate feel of the restaurant. The sushi, duck tacos, tuna tataki and kimchi fried rice come highly recommended.

Joy Noodles & Rice

Joy Noodles & Rice is located on the Dixie Highway and features some of the best rated Chinese fusion cuisine in the area. If you are planning a date night at a quiet, intimate location, this is the perfect place. The relaxing and quiet atmosphere is idea to let the delicious food take center stage. As for the menu, it features dishes and influences from all across Asia. The harvest curry and brown rice, the Chiangmai soup and lemongrass curry are among favorites. If you are new to Asian or Asian fusion cuisine, Joy Noodles & Rice is the right place as they place the spices on the side so that you can spice up the food to your liking. The lychee sorbet and the green tea Mochi would make a perfect end to a delicious meal at Joy Noodles & Rice.

Things to Consider Before Refinancing a Mortgage

Mortgage refinancing is the practice of paying off your existing mortgage by taking out a new mortgage loan. The most attractive prospect of this practice is the possibility of getting a lower interest rate that will reduce the monthly payment amount. Sometimes the lower interest rate results in a significant change in your mortgage payment, while a slight change doesn’t provide a great savings considering the appraisal costs, origination fees and other charges that you will have to pay for in the second mortgage.

Many real estate experts point out that the practice is completely safe if you are capable of comfortably making your payments, have a secure income and have a proven credit. Of course, aside from the lower monthly payment and the low-interest rate, it is very important to take a few other factors into consideration before taking on a second mortgage.

Costs of refinancing

One of the most important things to consider is of course, the costs of refinancing. A mortgage refinance usually costs about 3% – 5% on the full loan. However, borrowers are able to find several ways of reducing the costs or adding them into the loan. If your equity is not high enough, there is a possibility to get the costs of refinancing added into the loan amount, thus increasing the principal. You can always seek out no-cost refinance option which allows you to not pay the refinancing cost by paying a slightly higher interest. It is always recommended that you shop around and negotiate with a few lenders before you make a choice. Some parts of the total refinance costs can actually be reduced or paid by the lender.

The breakeven point is another highly important consideration in the mortgage refinancing project. This is the point where the costs of the refinancing are covered by the savings that you make in a month. After the breakeven point, you are able to keep your savings. Of course, if you have plans to sell your property or to move within two years, getting a second mortgage does not really make a good decision.

Focus on new mortgage payment

Many borrowers put a lot of focus on the interest rate. However, it is very important to note down your goals and set them up properly when refinancing the mortgage. In short, you have to choose the right mortgage product to make sure that your needs are met. For most borrowers, the goal is to cut the monthly payments to as low an amount as possible. This will require you to get a mortgage with a low-interest and a longer term. If you are seeking for a lower term, you may have to pay a higher interest. Nevertheless, the goal is to pay off the loan as early as possible by paying the lowest possible interest. Compare the term and the rate together to see which option makes most sense in your particular situation.

Mortgage refinancing is not as simple as it may sound. A great deal of research needs to be done by the home owner to make sure an advantageous decision. With the assistance of a reputed lender, most questions can be answered while the best approach can be chosen.


The Costs of Home Ownership to Consider Before Buying

Just about everyone dreams of owning their perfect home. If you are financially stable and have found the right property at the right time, there is no reason you should not make an offer. However, for some, owning a home is a bit of a complicated step as there are many more costs involved in addition to the purchase price. For those who are operating on a tight budget, any surprise costs of home ownership may cause financial trouble. If you are planning on buying a house, here are some of the most overlooked home ownership costs to consider before you make your decision.

Property taxes

For some hopeful homeowners, the property taxes may be a bit much as they will still have to make payment to the municipality or town in addition to the monthly mortgage fee. This amount can come all the way up to $1000 a month in areas with higher priced properties. After a house is constructed, the town in which the home is situated will decide the property tax amount.

The risks

If you lease a rental property and someone gets injured on the premises, there is a high chance that the property owners will be able to pay for the damages with the aid of their insurance policy. This will not cause any financial damage to the property owners. As for a purchased home, a homeowner’s insurance policy is a must. Unfortunately, should someone face an accident on your property, there is a chance that you will have to pay higher premiums to cover their injuries and damages. Additional risks include natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and snow damage. Water damage as a result of rainstorms is not always covered in a basic homeowner’s policy. This means that if you are purchasing a waterfront property or a property within an area with frequent heavy rain, you will have to pay a higher premium that is often $500 – $1000 higher than that of a basic policy.

Property maintenance

Of course, if you are to buy a house and plan to live in it for the next few decades, you will have to keep up it to make sure comfort and long-term property values. Aside from routine maintenance, there is a high chance that you will have to make certain repairs now and then. The roof, floors, plumbing and windows often need repairs and will cost you money. Property upgrades also fall into the maintenance category and can actually be considered an investment that will add plenty of value to the property. If you are on a tight budget with your average expenses and mortgage payments, be sure to consider a proper maintenance budget to prevent financial surprises.


They say time is money and when it comes to home ownership, you will have to put aside a sizeable part of your time to keep the house looking and functioning at its best. Mowing the lawn, painting the doors and cleaning the windows are often done by the owners and their families and therefore, they will take plenty of time from your lifestyle.

It is very important that hopeful home owners are well aware of these costs so that they can better prepare for them. Be sure to make your choice with extreme care as to avoid future disappointment and financial strain.

How to Make Your Home Offer Stand Out

In a seller’s market, it is very important that buyers understand the right tactics and methods to make their offers stand out from the crowds. If you have found the perfect house at the perfect place that fits all your needs and you budget, then the next step would be to make a great offer that is bound to get the buyer’s attention. Frankel Realty has been in the real estate business for a while and is well aware of making great offers that sellers can’t refuse. Here are some great tips for home buyers.

Make sure that the seller likes you

If you have found the perfect house, it is very important to make sure that the seller actually likes you. This will improve your chances of getting offer to stand out. For most people, parting with their home is an emotional decision and they would always be happier to hand it over to someone who they like. If your sellers have lived in the house that you have picked, they most certainly love it and will be happier to hand over the keys to someone with the same interests. If you can get in touch with the seller, be sure to let them know that you like the house and that you are willing to take good care of it.

Consider managing the repairs yourself

When you know that you have competition for the house that you love, taking two weeks to get the home inspected is not likely to get your offer to stand out. In reality, you can consider a fast inspection that will also make sure that the offer does not have to have a contingency on inspection. The best way to make your property attractive to a seller is to make the offer with an ‘as is’ contingency. This will let the seller know that you are willing to buy the property without asking for any repairs. Should the inspection reveal simple repairs are necessary, the buyer can pay for the repairs themselves or walk away if the inspection reveals something very expensive.

Non-contingency offers

In most cases, home purchase contracts are drawn up to have contingencies on appraisal and financing. This allows buyers to take back their deposit if they are not able to finance their home or if the appraisal does not support the home’s price. A non-contingency offer is actually a cash offer and is only recommended by real estate professionals if the buyer can afford it. If you are confident of your financial situation to make such an offer, a seller is most likely to take notice. However, you should only work with a trustworthy lender who is capable of delivering to reduce the risk on your part.

Add an escalation clause to your offer

Most buyers tend to think that they ought to save the highest offer for the end for when a seller makes a counter-offer. In reality, sellers often go for the highest offer in a competitive market without going through the negotiation process. However, if you are to add an escalation clause to the offer that you plan to make, this is a way to let your seller know that you are willing to pay more for the house. This is a safe way to attract a buyer’s attention to get into a contract. In order for the escalation clause to be put into effect, the seller has to show evidence of other offers to the buyer.

What You Need to Know about Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosure is a nightmare that any homeowner fears. If you are facing financial difficulties and are on the path to foreclosure, it is very important that you try to avoid the many foreclosure scams out there. Of course, you may have seen the billboards, flyers as well as TV and radio ads. There is a high chance that this sort of foreclosure ‘rescue’ companies are scammers waiting for a home owner in trouble to contact them. There is a very high possibility that a scammer will acquire your home for a fraction of its worth and purchase price or transfer your title in such a way as to allow them to resell or rent it. Even after you’ve lost ownership of the home, you will still have to pay your mortgage.

Three Types of Foreclosure Scams

There are three main types of foreclosure scams. One type will seek exorbitant fees for simple paperwork or phone calls that the homeowner can do without much hassle. This type of scam is known as ‘phantom help’ where homeowners are given false hopes while adding high charges for useless services while also preventing owners from getting real help. Another type of scam, known as ‘the bailout’ is all about deceiving the owner to sign the property over to the scammer by allowing them to believe that they can live in the property as renters until they can buy it back. Unfortunately, buying back the home is made impossible with the terms of their fraudulent agreements. In ‘bait and switch’ scams, the homeowners are made to think that they are bringing the mortgage current while actually surrendering the ownership of their property to the scammer.

Avoid Eviction Notice

The sad truth is, the owners rarely know that they are being scammed until the eviction notice comes along. In most cases, the failure to understand the terms of the documents leads to homeowners falling for this type of scams. The homeowner is at a vulnerable position as they approach foreclosure and it is mostly desperation that makes them an easy target for fraudsters. The scammers often promise homeowners that they will discuss the issue with their lenders and modify the mortgages. There is always an upfront fee involved along with a warning to not talk to their lender as not to interfere with the negotiations.

Help From Real Estate Attorneys

With high lawyer fees and fewer lawyers willing to take the case and the very low prospect of collecting a court award, it’s not easy to find help for scam victims. The best option for victims of foreclosure scams is to seek volunteer real estate attorneys. Of course, there has been situations where the victims managed to bring the scammers to justice but the chances of finding the right help to do this is quite low. It is always very important to be highly cautious and alert about scams if you are facing foreclosure. Be sure to contact your lender to discuss your options before you seek out any other professional advice. In some cases, they may be able to point you in the right direction.


Attracting Buyers with a Home Warranty

Developers and building contractors generally offer a warranty with all new construction. This warranty, known as the ‘home warranty’ provides a guarantee that the home’s plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems will work for a specified period of time. Additionally, if the house is sold with major appliances installed, the warranty will also include these items. Should any system or appliance malfunction during the warranty period, the repairs or replacements will be covered. Typically, home warranties cover a property from one year up to five years, and may be renewed with a fee.

Home Warranties Coverage

Home Warranties vary from company to company, but in general they cover:

  • Kitchen appliances such as your range or oven, dishwasher and built-in microwave
  • Garbage disposals
  • Plumbing including a whirlpool tub
  • Sump pump
  • Water heater
  • Ceiling fans and exhaust fans
  • Heating and electrical system components
Find a Great Deal

Home buyers generally look for a good deal and a home warranty, even when it is offered with a house that has been previously occupied. The majority of homebuyers invest most of their liquid assets to make the purchase, and a warranty that offers a few years of not having to deal with any expensive repairs would definitely influence them to choose a specific property. The cost for the home warranty will be included into the house’s price.

Seller’s Warranty

Competing with newer properties in your vicinity can be a bit tough if you are selling a home that is 20-30 years old. Don’t worry – You can still offer a seller’s warranty to attract buyers. With a seller’s warranty, you will make your property attractive to potential buyers by taking the worry of repairs and replacements off of their hands.

Specialized Seller’s Policies

Obtaining a seller’s warranty is simple. You will have to pay about $300 – $400 for one year of coverage and in the event of a malfunction within that time; the new owners will only have to pay about $50 – $75 in the form of a deductible. Some companies offer specialized policies where you don’t have to pay the premium until you have finalized the sale of your house. You need not worry about the age of your home, as the majority of these companies will provide warranties even to old houses.

Home Warranty vs. Homeowners Insurance

Do not confuse home warranties and homeowners insurance. Homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover appliances or mechanical systems in a house. As a seller, a seller’s warranty offers you protection in the event of a system or appliance malfunction in the property that you had sold. If you have any more questions about selling your home with a seller’s warranty, contact Frankel Realty (561) 427-2154.

5 Easy Ideas to Update Any Room

Thinking about giving your interiors a new look with the New Year? Most homeowners associate the words ‘revamp’ and ‘new look’ with high expenses and a lot of time. In reality, there are many ways to transform a room without spending days and weeks or breaking the bank. The idea is to consider quick and small changes with plenty of impact to transform a room with minimal cost and efforts. Here are 5 easy and simple ideas.

Consider changing the fabric

The curtains, pillows, rugs and upholstery make up a big part of any room. By changing any or a few of them, the entire look and feel of the room can be changed without much hassle. Whether it is a living room, sitting room, den, bedroom or even the kitchen, you can simply pick a different fabric color or print to completely change the look.

A fresh new coat of paint will make a world of difference

A new paint color or a fresh coat of the existing paint color has the ability to completely change the look of your room. This is one of the most simple and easiest ways to transform any part of your home. You can go from light to dark, dark to bright or from dark to light as per your preference. If you don’t want to make a commitment by painting the entire area, you can simply paint an accent wall in a different color for an instant fix and dramatic change.

Pay attention to your shelves

If you have book shelves or other shelves in your rooms, making changes to them can help you transform your space without taking much time and effort. For instance, if you have a wall shelf full of books, simply by the books with framed photographs, art or ornaments can make a considerable difference. Additionally, you can paint the space behind the shelves or add bright accent pieces in the form of book ends for more vibrant changes.

Update your art

The art on your walls are among the best ways to not only add bright pops of color for a new look but also to showcase the talent in your family. Frame your children’s most impressive paintings or simply purchase a blank canvas and paint it in a single bold color for an instant pick-up for any room. You don’t have to have any artistic experience to DIY accent pieces for your walls. You can always reuse the existing frames if you ever feel like changing your mind. Of course, if you are willing to make an investment, go for prints or purchase something a few affordable yet beautiful pieces for a great effect.

Accents can make a huge difference

Whether you feel like updating your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom, the best way to liven things up is to add one or a few new accents. A colorful wallpaper, painted stripes or a beautiful chandelier can make a huge difference without the need of undergoing massive scale remodeling.

Things To Do On Singer Island

Located along Florida’s east coast in the Palm Beach region, Singer Island is full of great activities for the young and old. Previously owned by Paris Singer all the way back in the 1920’s, the area now offers beachside fun, hotels, resorts and various activities. The neighborhood boasts a unique blend of natural charm, stunning beaches and beautiful hotels and resorts to enjoy. The area is highly popular among those who come to snorkel, dive, hike and bike.

Sailfish Marina

The Sailfish Marina is located in Palm Beach and offers a range of activities for visitors of all ages. The Sailfish Marina is a fantastic location to enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks at a dockside restaurant while enjoying a breathtaking view. Additionally, visitors can also enjoy the novel experience of the Palm Beach Water Taxi that provides fully narrated tours that are ideal for sightseeing. Visitors can take the shuttle to make a stop at the famous Clematis Street for some shopping or a quick meal or to catch the shuttle to Peanut Island, a relaxing getaway just minutes from the city.

Peanut Island

Peanut Island is easily reached by the Palm Beach Water Taxi and is a perfect spot to enjoy a truly unique experience. The island is entirely manmade and is thus named because of the peanut oil shipping terminal that was planned to be constructed there. Peanut Island is an ideal location to take the family as visitors can camp, snorkel and enjoy picnics in the sun. The southern portion of Peanut Island is home to the Palm Beach Maritime Museum and a nuclear bomb shelter built for the president’s family during the Kennedy era.

Phil Foster Park

Phil Foster Park, located at the base of the Blue Heron Bridge is home to the highly popular Singer Island Outdoor Center. This is a great place to enjoy the many waterfront activities with the whole family. Visitors are offered a chance to hire boats, kayaks or paddleboats for rent and to venture out to Peanut Island, Lakeworth Lagoon and sail around Singer Island for a truly fascinating experience. In addition to boating excursions, the Singer Island Outdoor Center also presents visitors with a chance to enjoy snorkeling and to take guided snorkeling tours on the gorgeous snorkeling trail found right off the beach. This is a fantastic opportunity for the marine life lover with regular appearances made by octopi, sea turtles, eagle rays, starfish and manatees. Regardless of your level of expertise on snorkeling, the tours are offered with plenty of guidance and required gear.


What You Should Know About Retiring in Florida

According to a recent poll, over 9 million Americans have expressed an intention to retire in Florida. Additionally, the numbers of British buyers in the Sunshine state have also seen significant increases over the last few years. Needless to say, the demand for Florida properties are high and are expected to stay that way for years to come.

Why Florida?

If you ask anyone who have retired in the Sunshine State or are planning to, they will have a lot of great things to say –The beautiful weather, the possibility of an idyllic lifestyle and the opportunity to lead an active life in the outdoors are among the most popular reasons among many hopeful retirees. The social life is vibrant with a multi-ethnic community and many, many activities to take part in. With the festivities running high from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve at the end of the year, there is a lot to enjoy.

What type of properties to look for

There are wide ranges of different property types as well as many communities that offer a relaxing lifestyle. From stylish condos with ocean views all the way to golf club communities with exclusive amenities, the options offer something for everyone. In order to make sure that a retiree is fully comfortable, properties located in country clubs, waterfront land and gated communities are highly recommended. These options provide them with a chance to enjoy a calm, quiet and relaxing lifestyle without having to worry about security or travelling too far to find entertainment, essential groceries or services.

Tax benefits

Another important reason for most people to consider retiring in Florida is the tax benefits. Florida is one of the few US states that does not charge income tax. If you are obtaining any type of income such as your pension, earnings from a job, social security benefits, annuities and security benefits can all be obtained without having to pay taxes. Of course, it is a very real concern to wonder whether you will have to pay taxes for your pension if it is coming from a different state. However, the Federal Pension Source Tax act of 1996 makes sure that your pension income is free from taxes regardless of which state it comes from.

The weather

With beautiful weather, great options for activities and a laid-back atmosphere, Florida is one of the best places in the world to consider living after retirement. There are plenty of retirement communities alongside great properties of all types to help you lead a safe, secure and content lifestyle. To take a tour of luxury properties in Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Jupiter, Juno Beach and West Palm Beach, call the realtors at Frankel Realty, (561) 427-2154.

How To Share Closing Costs on a New Home

Closing costs are an unavoidable part of the home buying and selling process. The costs are made up of all the fees and taxes that are applicable at a real estate transaction. Closing costs vary in each state. It is necessary to consider which party will settle the closing costs, but it is also normal for buyers and sellers to share the expenses.

Understand the closing costs

In most cases, the party that is responsible for closing costs depends on the type of market. In a seller’s market, the larger portion of the costs falls on the buyer’s shoulders while the seller’s pay the bigger portion in a buyer’s market. In some cases, the offer made on a house by a buyer includes the closing costs so that the mortgage will cover these fees without putting the buyer in financial strain. It is very important that you ask your real estate agent for a standard closing cost break down so that both parties are well aware of what the payments and taxes.

Escrow and attorney fees

The typical costs associated with a real estate transaction include escrow or attorney fees. In some states, the closing is handled by third party escrow companies or attorneys. However, depending on the state, the costs can be handled by title agents, brokers, lenders and real estate agents may handle closing and escrow. These fees can be spilt between the buyer and the seller as they apply to both of them.

Find out the type of title insurance

Title insurance is very important and come in two types: the owner’s policy and the lender’s policy. The property titles are well-researched by companies that specialize in titles or by lawyers to check if there are any unidentified owners or liens against the property. The policies are designed to protect the owner and the lender for the property’s value. It is quite normal for the seller to pay for the title insurance policy. This process is known as clearing the title.

Other fees you should know about

Transfer taxes or document taxes, recording fees and mortgage taxes are also a part of closing costs. The buyer and seller often split the closing fee or settlement charges. The settlement charges or closing fees include the escrow or lawyer fees for the financial transfers. The brokerage fees are often paid separately by the buyers and sellers as the realtors are different. Additional payments include pest inspections and septic inspections. Both of these inspections are handled and paid for by the buyer.

The final word

When closing on a house, it’s important for the buyer and seller to come to some sort of agreement to create a win-win situation. In some cases, statements where the seller pays up to a specific amount are arranged. Be sure to consult with your real estate professional before closing day to determine the closing costs that you will have to pay. This will help you negotiate with the other party to come to a suitable arrangement.

When you’re interested in purchasing a new house, consult the realtors at Frankel Realty on (561) 427-2154 to guide you through the process.

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