Make It A Memorable Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity to make memorable family moments and to catch up with those you don’t often get to meet. Whether you are a small family or a large one, there are many wonderful ways to make your Thanksgiving a little extra special and memorable for the whole family.

Create a delectable menu

If you are a new family, this is a great chance to put together, an all-new menu for Thanksgiving. Collect inspiration from websites, traditional menus and family favorites to create something special and unique to your family. Of course, you can always create something entirely new as a family special that can be passed down to the new generations. Be sure to create some festive recipe cards for future reference.

DIY the table décor

With the whole family gathering around one table, the centerpieces, the table setup and décor matters. It is always a great idea to come up with some beautiful décor to celebrate the holiday. You can always use family heirlooms and hand-me-downs with a few DIY elements that can be easily dressed up with whatever you can find around the house or in a décor store. For instance, an antique vase or bowl can be decorated with autumn candles, berries and pine cones to create something unique that can be tweaked every year.

Get the kids involved

Getting your kids involved is a great way to create happy memories. Regardless of their age, children would love to be a part of creating family traditions. From setting the menu, decorating the dining room all the way to adding a few personal touches, children can become engrossed in the festivities to help you create something truly memorable.

Create an entire day full of family activities

Since the family will get together for the day, you can arrange for everyone to play a part in the preparation of the meal and also to enjoy some fun activities after the meal. Assign something for everyone, especially the kids and any new member to the family, so that they feel included and welcome. After the dinner, you can arrange for some family board games, going outside for a walk or to watch a movie.

Don’t forget to start planning early

The key to a memorable Thanksgiving is to start preparations early. If you consider the food, you can always opt for a few make-ahead dishes to help take the load off on Thanksgiving Day so that you have more time to spend with your family. The décor and other details can also be arranged early to make sure that you don’t spend the whole day rushing about to ensure perfection.

- From the Frankel Realty family, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Watch a Show At a Theater in Palm Beach County

Sunshine and endless beaches are not the only pastimes that Palm Beach County has to offer. Aside from a lively nightlife and thousands of options to dine out, Palm Beach also presents residents with a world-class theater experience. If you are in the mood for a concert or performance under the beautiful clear blue skies, then Palm Beach is definitely the right place to be.

The Crest Theater

The majestic Crest Theater was declared as the performing arts center of Old School Square in 1993. The building was originally constructed to be the school’s auditorium, but was then redesigned to create a top of the range facility that seats over 300 people. For 2014, The Crest Theater offers Girls Night, The Musical, an adaptation of The Christmas Carol and A Chorus Line.

The Kravis Center

The Kravis Center has gained popularity as one of the top performing arts centers in the region. The Kravis Center has three high capacity venues: the Dreyfoos hall that sets 2193, the Rinker Playhouse that seats 300 and the Gosman Amphitheatre that seats 1400. The performances include opera, Broadway, jazz, pop, ballet and more. This year, The Kravis Center presents Diavolo – Architecture in Motion, The Russian State Symphony Orchestra and Romeo and Juliet by the Miami City Ballet.

Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center

The Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center is another theater that provides a complete arts experience. This particular performing arts center is a part of the Palm Beach State College and presents a range of top-quality facilities for professional productions from November to May. The performances include family-friendly show, music, dance, theater and drama. Aside from enjoying the theatrics, the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center also allows youngsters to take part in their annual productions. Upcoming performances include Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, How to Succeed on Broadway, Stormy Weather: The Music of Lena Horne and a few free outdoor concerts.

The Maltz Jupiter Theater

The Maltz Jupiter Theater is a community based non-profit regional theater that seats up to 550. This beautiful theater is a member of the League of Resident Theaters and presents the residents of Palm Beach with a wide selection of theatrical productions, special events and various concerts. Upcoming performances include The Foreigner, CHITA – A Legendary Celebration and White Acres Unplugged in The Green Room.

The Duncan Theater

The Duncan Theater is located in Lake Worth and is a part of the Palm Beach State College. The theater presents a comprehensive selection of modern dance, popular music concerts, family entertainment and a bit of occasional jazz.

How To Identify Up and Coming Locations

Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods

As we have discussed many times, neighborhoods and areas change with time: some, for the worse and some for the better. In some cases, neighborhoods that are transforming into ‘hot areas’ actually show clear signs. Whether you live in one, are planning to start a business or have plans to move into one, these signs can help you get a head start and to plan the perfect approach.

Popular commercial establishments start appearing

If your neighborhood or a neighborhood that you are interested in is seeing newly constructed or on-going construction of popular commercial brands such as Starbucks and Whole Foods along with hip bars, coffee shops and other trendy stores, there is a chance that it is being transformed into a hot neighborhood. It is a known fact that brand name businesses don’t necessarily open up in areas where they are not likely to make money. Even with smaller retailers and eateries, their first instinct is to choose a place where they can get more customers. The more stores and eateries you notice with ‘coming soon’ signs, the higher the potential of your neighborhood being the next hot area.

An expansion in public transport

One of the major clues that your destination might be the next hot spot is an expansion in public transport and mass transit. If an area sees a brand new bus or metro stop, the neighboring land values will go up and real estate developers are quick to make a grab for it. Just about any property that is located within easy reach of a mass transit stop in a large city (regardless of its age) is guaranteed to be in a hot neighborhood.

Look for renovations

Renovations are bound to take place at a soon-to-be-hot neighborhood. What you need to look out for are brand-new remodeled homes among older and somewhat shabbier homes. This is a sign that residents are attempting to add value to their properties and it is only a matter of time until their neighbors follow suit. Freshly manicured lawns, polished exteriors and modern landscaping are easy to spot. Other prominent changes include new fencing, new mailboxes and new doors that are a clear indication that homeowners are confident about making their homes look good to sell at a profit or to simply up the curb appeal.

A decline in crime

A decline in the crime statistics in a particular neighborhood may be a clear indication that it is in the process of becoming a hot spot for real estate. Home buyers will see a reduced crime rate as a positive sign and therefore, real estate values will go up as the demand will continue to rise. This is also an indication that home owners, residents and city officials are making a real effort to enhance the quality of life in the area and this reflects well when it comes to real estate values and buyers’ interest.

When you’re ready to find your next home in an up-and-coming location, the professionals at Frankel Realty can help. Call us on (561) 427-2154.

Why You Should Go To An Open House

The Benefits of Going to An Open House

Open houses are a fantastic way for sellers to highlight the features of their home. Most sellers opt for house staging to create a warm, comfortable and inviting interior. Attending open houses is a great way for buyers to know what they want in their future home. These are some of the benefits:

Look around and get a closer look

For starters, buyers are given a chance to walk around the house and to inspect every inch of it. You can start by evaluating the exterior. Most open houses will have a fresh coating of paint as well as professional staging. Nevertheless, it never hurts to take a closer look. While the warm atmosphere and ambience may be enticing, you can take the opportunity to discuss the functionality of the house with the seller. For instance, gutters, drainage systems, electricity and plumbing all need to be carefully inspected and evaluated and an open house presents that opportunity. While some may think that an open house may have its flaws hidden by professional home staging, the reality is that not every flaw can be hidden. With careful observation, you can see if any part is not at its best. If these parts are not fixed at the time of the open house, it may be a clear sign that the house may have larger issues as well.

Imagine what it would be like to live there

An open house will give some great insight into how it would look like if someone were to live there. Most likely, the house will be painted in neutral colors to allow you to picture yourself and your family in the house and to visualize any changes you might want to make. The seller and their agent will be able to provide assistance on getting some ideas for decorating the place as well as the professionals that they can recommend to do a great job. This will provide you with some great information on the latest decorating trends and put you in contact with design professionals should you plan on renovating.

Ask questions and get answers

Since the seller and the agent will be present at the house during an open house, you will be able to discuss anything about the house. Does it have any special features? What tips can they give on adjusting to the neighborhood? What are the nearby attractions and activities? The seller and their agent would be happy to provide the information that will be helpful for you to imagine living in the house.

An open house can be viewed by the whole family to help everyone get an idea of living there. If the house is particularly sought after or in a popular neighborhood, you might even be able to get an idea of what your competition may be like. While everyone who is interested in the house isn’t likely to show up on the same day, you can do some observations and even get to know of other similar properties in the area.

For local listing of open houses in the Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach area, contact Frankel Realty on (561) 427-2154.

Reasons to Sell and Move Into a Bigger Home

It is reported that the average American homeowner will sell their home property and move every 5 to 7 years. While those who have lived in the same home for decades might not understand the motives behind the selling and moving, there is a high chance that they too will have to consider the process. Being in the real estate business for many years, Frankel Realty is familiar with the moving process and the reasons behind it. Here are the top 6 reasons for people to sell and move:

Job transfers

If you have gotten a great job opportunity in another state or at an inconvenient distance from where you currently live, the only option is to move. Not many people want spend hours stuck in traffic, wake up very early, and get home late to simply not have time for anything but work and travel. If the commuting distance is more than one hour, selling and moving is a great choice for many.

Running out of space

Believe it or not, but the quaint little house you purchased a few years ago may begin to feel too small and cramped. This could be because of a number of reasons including a growing family and running out of storage space.

Future plans

Your lifestyle is bound to change every few years and a house that felt perfect a few years ago may not work well with your current expectations. For instance, you may intend to have children but your one bedroom apartment simply might not have the space or be ideally located to raise a family.

Neighborhood changes

Just like people, neighborhoods are also prone to gradual change. These can be physical, social and economic changes that are a result of things beyond your control. For instance, a new freeway or a train station constructed close to a residential community may have a considerable effect on the residents’ lifestyle. The train station will draw in large crowds and possible criminal activity, while the freeway is likely to be loud and disruptive. When a few neighbors leave the area and new ones arrive, the change will be even more apparent. For some people who need a specific type of community for a comfortable lifestyle, drastic or gradual changes will end with relocation.


As people grow older, their residential requirements also change. With children no longer in the house, coupled with deteriorating health, moving to a safe, quiet and more manageable residence makes sense. Active-adult communities are a big hit for the over 55 demographic. These are planned communities that offer a range of senior-friendly activities, convenient health care, social gatherings and neighbors of the same age group.


This is one of the most prominent reasons for people to consider a move. People always long for something bigger, grander and more upscale. With lifestyle changes and improved income comes more complex housing needs and this often results selling and moving.

When you think it’s time to move, give the realtors at Frankel Realty a call on (561) 427-2154. We will guide you to find the perfect home for the lifestyle you desire.

Everything You Need To Know About Title Insurance

When you purchase a home, you obtain full and complete legal ownership of the property. In terms of insurance, this is referred to as being given a title to the property. In some situations, it is possible for a prior deed, mortgage agreements or a will to contain hidden mistakes that may actually give legal claim against your property to someone else. For new homebuyers, title insurance is a form of protection against loss should a defect (that is covered by your policy) be discovered in the title to your property. The insurance will provide information on the title’s status well before you purchase or proceed to refinance and provide protection against title claims that may continue to affect the title even after you have bought it. In short, title insurance will save you a great deal of time, money and trouble.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is significantly different from other types of insurance policies. These insurance programs work by emphasizing the prevention of risk as opposed to risk assumption. Therefore, the coverage will offer an opportunity for the insured to avoid claims as well as losses in various real estate transactions. Title insurance professionals will perform a range of corrective work and therefore, it is quite rare for lenders or homeowners to suffer losses under the coverage of title insurance policies. The larger portion of the title insurance premium will go towards extensive research done by Realty Title upfront. A small percentage will be put toward paying any claims. Title insurance is often charged at closing. There are other forms of insurance where monthly or quarterly payments are requested.

The fine print

Title insurance comes in two types: owner’s title insurance and lender’s title insurance. In many cases, lenders require a loan policy before a loan is issued to you. This policy is often based on the dollar value of your loan. It will protect their investment and also against loss in the event of a title defect. The policy amount will decrease annually and eventually disappear as the loan is paid off. Lenders insurance is targeted at protecting the lender and not the owner. Should a problem arise, the lender’s interest in the property will be protected by the policy. The owner’s equity will not be covered and neither will the legal expenses that the homeowner will face.

Protecting your assets

As for owner’s title insurance, it is issued for the amount of the property purchase. You will pay a one-time fee at the closing stage and will last as long as you or your heirs hold an interest in the house or property. For full protection of the homeowner and their interests, an owner’s title insurance is essential. If a title problem that was not uncovered during the title search is later discovered, the owner’s policy will provide protection while also paying for legal expenses involved in the lawsuit.

Art & Culture in West Palm Beach

Operating under the mission statement of “to preserve for the future the beautiful things of the past,” the Norton Museum of Art is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and is famed for its extensive collection. Featuring over 7000 works that include Chinese, American and European art, the museum sees many visitors all throughout the year. The museum also features photography along with contemporary art.

A private collection of art

Founded by Ralph Hubbard Norton and his first wife, Elizabeth Calhoun Norton, the museum has been in operation since 1941. After retiring from his position as the head of Acme Steel Co., Ralph Hubbard moved to West Palm Beach. It was then that he made the decision to share his extensive collection of paintings and sculptures.

In 2001, the Norton Museum of Art was expanded up to 122,500 square feet. The 45,000 square foot Gail and Melvin Nessel wing was constructed within 2 years and opened for public viewing in 2003. The addition of the new wing allowed the museum to display more pieces and enhanced the overall space in the gallery by 75 percent. The new wing features an enclosed courtyard for social and educational events, a glass ceiling installation by Dale Chihuly, 14 new galleries, a striking spiral staircase along with a three story atrium. The new wing, designed by Chad Floyd, also enabled the Norton Museum of Art to replace the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota as the largest museum in the state of Florida.

Entertainment meets art on Thursday nights

Aside from exhibitions and various events, the Norton Museum of Art has gained a considerable amount of popularity for its After Dark program. Sponsored by the Addison Hines Charitable Trust, this popular program is described as a place “where culture and entertainment meet.” The event is held on Thursdays from 5 – 9pm and allows visitors to enjoy a diverse selection of art including film, dance, music, DIY projects, discussions with curators, lectures and tours. The After Dark series also presents visitors with an opportunity to enjoy delectable dishes from Fratelli Lyon, the museum’s café as well as to taste wines. For residents and travellers to West Palm Beach, the After Dark series at the Norton Museum of Art is a great way to spend a fantastic Thursday evening.

As for the future, the Norton Museum of Art unveiled an all new master plan for further expansions in 2013. The plan was the creation of Norman Foster, a British architect and will result in almost double the current gallery space along with additions that include an auditorium, restaurant and education center.

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Buying a house is a rather stressful decision as unlike other merchandise such as clothes, jewelry or a vehicle.  There is no way to actually ‘try it out’ before you make a purchase. In addition, a house is often the largest investment for many people and the place where memories of a new life will be made. In a busy and competitive real estate market, getting your hands on a hot property is quite an achievement. While you strive to win the property by going the extra mile, there is every possibility that you might regret your decision once you have had a bit of time to cool down.

Avoiding buyer’s remorse can be done by staying grounded throughout the whole process of buying a house. In case you aren’t sure of what to do, here are a few questions to help you figure things out.

Are you trying to ‘win’ the property?

In competitive situations, a buyer would be motivated to ‘win’ a house rather than to own it. If you are competing with other parties, be sure to take a moment to ask yourself whether you actually want to live in the house or to simply beat the other party. With offers and counter-offers, the price of a house may go up significantly. In which case, you will not find the house an economically suitable option for you.

Have you visited the house more than once?

Seeing a house only once is not enough. Regardless of how much you love the property at first sight, you could be setting yourself up for buyer’s remorse by not visiting again in different circumstances. If you find a property interesting enough to make an offer, visit it several times on different occasions to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Did you inspect every inch of the house?

You will need to do more than a quick tour to determine whether a house is right for you. In order to really get to know the place, walk around it, visit every window, open the closets and go through every nook and cranny. Don’t forget to park your car in the garage to see if it fits you just right.

Did you ask for a floor plan?

Even with several full tours, it is possible to miss certain things unless you look at a floor plan. Be sure to ask for one to make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Did you read the seller’s disclosures?

Disclosures must be considered well before making an offer on a property. In the majority of markets, disclosures are available to be reviewed by the buyer before they make an offer. You can even request the seller’s agent to disclose anything major verbally. If you are unable to view the disclosures to make a clear decision, start looking elsewhere.

Is this the right home for you?

This is definitely the most important question of all. While an affordable home with the right facilities may seem appealing, the rest of the neighborhood may cause various inconveniences for you. Therefore, analyze the house, the surroundings and everything else before you make an offer. This way, you are less likely to feel regretful after the purchase and will end up with a home that perfectly suits your needs.

Major Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

A house is the largest purchase that most people will make during their lifetime. Therefore, choosing the wrong property can have long lasting implications that may cause problems in the future. Whether you are buying a home for the very first time or have been through the process several times, here are some mistakes that should be avoided to help you make the best decision.

Choosing the Wrong Realtor

Selecting a friend of a friend or choosing a random agent is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your real estate agent is the person who will guide you through the entire purchasing process and choosing the wrong person can ruin your chances at finding the right property, paying the right price and getting the best deal.

Not Assessing Your Spending Power

There are plenty of people out there, who would qualify for a large mortgage. However, that does not mean that they should max out their spending power. Quite a few first time buyers tend to make this particular mistake by thinking that they can afford the monthly payments for the mortgage amount they qualified for. In reality, along with the mortgage expenses, homeowners also have to deal with maintenance, homeowners association (HOA) fees and taxes that may set you back considerably if you choose the maximum mortgage amount.

Taking the Advice of Outsiders

While your friends, family and co-workers may mean well, their knowledge and experience with home buying is most likely to be entirely different from your situation. The prices, market conditions and buying trends change from location to location and with time. Therefore, the best advice is obtained via your real estate agent.

Forgetting the Inspection

Home inspections are an essential part of a real estate transaction. There are many things that can be wrong with a property and without a proper inspection; they are highly unlikely to be immediately visible. Some buyers tend to skip the inspection in order to save time and to make the offer seem more appealing. In reality, you can lose a great deal of money on repairs and replacements if you don’t get the property looked at by an expert well before signing the contracts.

Going Overboard With the Contingencies

Some buyers may take inspection a little too seriously and add a wide selection of contingencies related to inspection that might not always be agreeable with the seller and their agent. Most sellers see too many contingencies as a sign of a buyer trying to find a fast way out of a contract and may back out from the deal despite your intentions. Instead, create a competitive offer without adding too many contingencies to get the seller interested. Your real estate agent will be able to guide you.

Getting Overly-Attached To One House

While some houses seem just perfect for a specific buyer, there is no guarantee that the deal will close. Getting too attached to a property will only result in severe disappointment in the event of a dropped deal. Instead, settle on several options to make sure that you get precisely what you want.

When you’re ready to begin your search for a home, choose the qualified real estate agents at Frankel Realty. Call us on (561) 427 2154 to get started.

Parks and Outdoor Activities in South Florida

Whether you are a visitor or a resident, there is no denying the beautiful outdoors of the Palm Beaches. The holiday-perfect weather, the seascapes and the many activities make Palm Beach a true haven for those on the lookout for outdoor fun. Whether you are looking for solo, family or couple activities, Palm Beach is fully equipped with plenty of options to offer some outdoor fun for everyone.

The Bicentennial Park

The Bicentennial Park, located in Riviera Beach is one of the most prominent landmarks in Palm Beach. The beautiful park, a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike, offers a range of activities for families. From boat rides to aquatic activities and plenty of seaside enjoyment, there is plenty to do at the Bicentennial Park.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

For the nature lover, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is a must visit destination. Located on one of the barrier islands, this lovely park is a great place to catch a glimpse of rare native plants, beautiful and unspoiled beaches, mangroves, a tropical hammock and various different birds. If you visit in the summer, you can even spot nesting sea turtles. If you wish to enjoy some fishing, a picnic with the family, snorkeling or collecting shells, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy these activities at this one-of-a-kind park.

Mangrove Park

As mentioned earlier, Palm Beach is full of natural beauty. If you are on the lookout for a marvelous ecological experience, Mangrove Park is definitely a great place to visit. The park features fantastic opportunities for visitors to learn about the native animals and plants and to walk along a natural Mangrove preserve. You will be treated to a magnificent view of the Intracoastal Waterway once you reach the end of the boardwalk. If you visit Mangrove Park during high tide, you will even have a chance to catch a glimpse of manatees in their natural habitat.

Cholee Park

Located on Forest Hill Boulevard, Cholee Park is an 800 acre rustic wonder land. Containing thirteen miles of equestrian trails and a chance to enjoy horse rides and other riding activities, Cholee Park is a fun spot to enjoy various outdoor sports. Many residents find great pleasure in the rising and falling natural terrain that makes the park a fantastic choice for mountain biking enthusiasts. Bikers will find a single track that will be separated into trails of various difficulty levels at 5 miles.

Gulfstream Park

If you are on the lookout for some quiet time, Gulfstream Park just might be the right spot for you. The park offers free admission and parking for all along with great spots for picnics and relaxing. This easily accessible park also features a guarded beach with shallow water to make the best of even the warmest days of summer. Gulfstream Park is definitely good news for pet owners as the beach allows you to bring your dogs to enjoy some family time.

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